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shay sawyer

Shay Sawyer has loved wrestling since she was young thanks to her uncles love of WCW. Some would say they grew out of wrestling but Shay never reached that point and has been enjoying the ride ever since. Shay is currently a host on Unpopular Review for NXT and has a podcast called The Big Pop Theory where she and her co host Bad Guy Jack discuss wrestling as a whole including speaking on the shows themselves plus touching on wrestling current event news. Shay was also involved in the panel for New York comic con which highlighted women of color in wrestling and their love for wrestling in general. 

Shay wants to keep pushing forward and amplifying her voice in wrestling. Shay wants to be able to continue to speak and be a part of wrestling in any way she can. 

Social media: 

Instagram: Shaysawyer_ 

Twitter: Shaysawyer_

Tiktok: Shaysawyer_

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