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bonnie mayfield

Boonie Mayfield aka Boon Doc is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, mentor, filmmaker and more. His humble beginnings took place in Colorado Springs during a pivotal year: Y2K. A local rapper and dancer with no industry resources in sight; Boonie took advantage of the rise of new technology and platforms offered to young millennials. Learning to make his own beats eventually led him to selling them online for a living. By 2007, Boon Doc rose to internet stardom on YouTube, becoming one of the pioneers of beat-making videos.

As he continued to hone his craft, Boonie re-emerged with his own genre-bending sound after learning music theory and the bass guitar. His eclectic taste can be heard instantly by skimming through his catalog. And though his songs vary in sound, they share a common aesthetic that can only be described as, Boonie Mayfield. In his universe — or “Booniverse” — you'll experience the world through a lens of Boonie’s passionate artistry, wild imagination and quirky sense of humor.

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