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blue magic

BlueMagic's career kickstarted in the vibrant world of radio, where his magnetic presence and captivating voice earned him opportunities, including running DJ Enuff website at Hot97. In May 2012, Blue ventured into the burgeoning world of podcasting, showcasing their insightful commentary and engaging discussions to a growing audience until November 2014. This experience opened doors to various online radio stations and even led him to work with the renowned Epic Records, where his talent and dedication shine brightly.

In March 2018, BlueMagic and his co-host Jenna co-created "The Mixed Tag Show” podcast, a thrilling wrestling-centric podcast that quickly became a fan favorite. Their passion for wrestling led to exciting collaborations with WWE Shop on social media initiatives, further solidifying their connection with the wrestling community.

With a relentless entrepreneurial spirit, BlueMagic ventured into the world of wrestling merchandise. In July 2020, he launched a wrestling merchandise fulfillment company, proudly partnering with numerous wrestling podcasts, promotions, and wrestlers, including the likes of Big Swole, O'Shay Edwards, Hall of Famer Jazz, Ace Austin, and many others. With over 30 partners to date, BlueMagic continues to redefine the wrestling merchandise landscape.

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