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Nickie Booshie is the senior writer and host for Women's Wrestling Talk. Nickie Booshie, along with Host and Editor-in-Chief Driune Santana, is a member of The Salt Shakkas, the most dominant tag team in WWT history.

Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, the 30-year-old currently resides in the greater Nashville area. The native Tennessean is a graduate of Nashville State and will earn a bachelor's degree in mass communication from Tennessee State University in the spring of 2023. Outside of school, Nickie Booshie enjoys attending various wrestling events, especially IMPACT! Wrestling.

Throughout the process, highlight reels of the events are created. Our "Impact Insider" provides a weekly recap of Impact! wrestling. Nickie Booshie is a huge Charlotte Flair fan and never misses an opportunity to remind everyone of this.

Nickie booshie

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