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A Damage CTRL without Bayley?

At Crown Jewel, everyone was in shock as they saw the shocking return of Kairi Sane when she came to assist Iyo Sky in her title defence against Bianca Belair.

This was none more shocking to anyone more than Bayley. She had a foolproof plan for IYO’s match and did not get the advance notice that Kairi would be back in the company. Let alone a part of Damage CTRL.

So Bayley took this matter public on this week’s episode of Smackdown. Bayley felt a bit slighted by this plan to bring Kairi into the fold. Possibly a bit bewildered by the level of secrecy that Dakota Kai and IYO had to bring a whole new member into the group. Especially, a new member that was trusted to help assist in such an important for the faction Champion.

A sense of guilt is running through Bayley as she reminds Damage CTRL that the last time that she’s seen KAIRI was when she brutally attacked her in July of 2020.

Dakota Kai assures Bayley that Kairi has long forgotten about that attack and that they didn’t tell Bayley about the plan for Crown Jewel because they wanted to lighten her load.

All the while Kairi looks like she definitely remembers the attack and is just waiting for the moment to strike.

After this heart-to-heart, we later see a match between Damage Ctrl versus Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Asuka. Unfortunately for Belair, this is a repeat of Bianca being attacked again by her tag partner Asuka. We see a reunion between former tag members Asuka and Kairi.

Something that is clearly another shocker to Bayley. How much does Bayley not know about the future of her faction?

Could this be the foreshadowing of Bayley’s last days as the leader of Damage CTRL?

Or is it just a happy family welcoming in a new member that acknowledges Bayley’s ranking within the faction?

Time will tell what Bayley’s fate is.

Check out all of the twists and turns from this shocking Smackdown involving the twists and turns of Damage CTRL

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