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A Possible New Lady in Judgement Day?!

The Judgement Day has been one of WWE’s most successful ventures as of late. Finn Balor, Damien Priest, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio have electrified the television for months on end. Starting with Edge as the leader before being outed by Finn, Judgement Day does not seem to be slowing down any time soon.

One of the key elements of the success of this faction is Rhea Ripley, affectionately known as Mami. As usual, when you let the women do the work, you get the desired results. Rhea is arguably the most dominant member of the faction, as she hasn’t been pinned since 2022, and can touch both men and women with little to no consequence. Rhea and Dom have been running rampant on all WWE programming for weeks.

Recently, Dom was on Bakers Bantering having some conversation when he was asked about the possibility of another woman, NXT’s own Cora Jade, joining the Judgement Day. With Dom being the current NXT North American Champion, he was the right one to ask, but the response was very telling.

Dom replied:

“Cora Jade, oh, even more interesting. Again, when it comes to the females, Mami Rhea is the one that has the last say because you got to get through her first. So, I think when it comes to Cora, yeah Mami is going to have to handle that one. See what Mami says.”

Is Dom hinting at who the REAL leader of the Judgement Day is? Will we ever see another woman or addition at all to the group? Do you want to see another woman join the fold at all? Let us know what you think!

**Thank you to Ringside News for the transcription**


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