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AEW Grand Slam- The Interim Women’s Title

AEW’s Grand Slam is a yearly event that showcases the talent in AEW in the heart of Flushing Meadows. The card had some solid matches, but only one woman’s match was on the card. The match was for the interim AEW Women’s Championship.

Taken By: Scott Lesh

Toni Storm, the current champion, would face off against Britt Baker, Serena Debb, and Athena. One of the things I noticed was the crowd seemed behind the women, which was good considering how lackluster the AEW women’s division is. Not the fault of any of the women on the roster. There seems to be a lack of effort when it comes to showcasing the women on the roster equally. However, that is a rant for another day.

Right away in this match, Toni and Athena take out Serena and Britt. They would trade a lot of offense early on. During this time, Serena shined immensely, and when she got the near fall, I thought she would become the new champion.

Taken By: Scott Lesh

There were some dope moments in the match. One was when Toni and Serena used Britt and Athena in a submission move while also attacking each other.

While I did think Serena had a good chance, Toni did retain by winning with a crucifix roll-up.

Taken By: Scott Lesh

After the win, Britt Baker would attack Toni. As Jamie Hayter came out to help Britt, Saraya fka Paige came out to thunderous applause.

It was good to see her in a ring again. However, I do help that she can do so without reinjury. I also hope she’s used well in AEW. As I mentioned earlier, AEW does not handle its women’s division as well as they could.


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