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Alexa Bliss Is Having A Lil Miss Bliss

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Alexa Bliss and her husband Ryan Cabrera are expecting a baby girl, according to “ET Online.” The couple held a gender reveal party with a rockstar theme, and Cabrera performed the announcement by smashing a pink and blue guitar to reveal pink smoke, revealing that the couple is expecting a girl. December is when the child is due.

According to Bliss in the video, she was shocked to learn the child was a girl because she had thought she was having a boy. She claimed that the child’s heart rate and alleged “old wives’ tales” about craving salty foods prevented her from expecting a girl, but her husband pointed out that they couldn’t know for sure despite the advice she received on Instagram.

In Cabrera’s video to his single “RX“, which was released a month ago. The intro to the video cuts to “the prom-themed” wedding anniversary for the happy couple with the Friends theme song playing which then cuts to a homage to one of the hit 90s sitcoms “Where Alexa (who’s the Rachel) tells Ryan (who’s the Ross)” that she is pregnant.

We here at Women’s Wrestling Talk want to send our congratulations to them.


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