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Alicia Fox: The First & Only Black Woman To Win WWE Divas Championship

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Alicia Fox was a part of one of those groundbreaking moments in 2010, marking the second year of WWE’s PG era, which featured many game-changing events.

On June 20, 2010, at the WWE’s then Premium Live Event entitled “Fatal 4-Way”, “The Foxy One” Competed against Gail Kim, Maryse, and then Divas Champion Eve Torres. Alicia overcame the odds by pinning the soon-to-be Mrs of “Miz and Mrs.” becoming the Divas Champion for the first time in her career and making history by being the first African American woman to hold the Divas Championship.

Alicia Fox held the title for 56 days after she was defeated by Melina in Summerslam of that year.

During an interview with Ring The Belle’s DS Shin, Fox said what was the moment like for her stating:

“I don’t think in my mind that I had any concept of what this was to the audience or the locker room,” Alicia said. “I was so scared at that point, I was so nervous that I was going to mess it up all the time.”

In light of the fact that she was not at the time engaged in a rivalry with the reigning Divas champion, Alicia said that the moment she won the title came as a surprise to her.

“I think that’s the one thing about wrestling is you’re always chasing the high because the card is subject to change. I’m trying to remember, I feel like maybe a week before or maybe the day before.”

Fox admitted that she was initially taken aback by the positive remarks being made about the former Divas champion. She went on to say that she now finds it empowering that wrestlers and fans are finally referring to the former champion as an inspiration.

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