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All Caribbean Wrestling Presents Mobay Bash

On November 4th, the promising upcoming promotion, All Caribbean Wrestling had another blazing hot show, Mobay Bash, which was held in tropical Montego Bay, Jamaica. Women’s Wrestling Talk’s own Gerard Bonner was on commentary alongside Caprice Coleman to call this stacked card. After throughly enjoying this match, I think that it would be a disservice, to not the discuss the women’s matches for this event.

Vanessa Kraven vs Savannah Evans

In this match, that is certainly a testing of power and brute strength between Vanessa Kraven and Savannah Evans, we have ACW Women’s champion, Mazzerati at ringside; rooting on her pal Kraven. The fans are in for a surprise when Red Velvet comes out as the guest referee for this match.

Definitely a good call for a match that needs a referee that won’t be intimidated by the giants in the ring. Both women start off this match sizing each other up and trying to knockout one another down, even Savannah picking Kraven up doesn’t work. Vanessa pulls off a very impressive Samoan drop, that puts the power in her hands. A crazy effective cannonball drop knocks the wind out of Savannah. However, it doesn’t completely take out the tough as steel Savannah.

Both go blow for blow with each other and even hits each other with a boot to the face to knock both women off of their feet. Mazzerati tries to interfere and gets on the rope to hit Savannah, but accidentally hits Kraven instead and Savannah gets a quick pin to get the win. In the future, this may create dissension between Mazzerati and Kraven. Especially, considering the strong desire that Kraven has to hold that title. I’m very interested to see how their friendship looks after this loss for Vanessa Kraven.

Cassandra Golden vs Mazzerati

Cassandra getting that love right off the bat was cool to see. Certainly a fan favorite on the roster. The ACW women’s champion, Mazzerati doesn’t care about getting the fan’s approval, she has been able to hold that title for 300 days and she just wants to walk out of this match as champ. Cassandra is happy go lucky in general, but doesn’t allow herself to be taken advantage of in the square circle. She’s honestly mopping the floor with Mazzerati. Vanessa Kraven comes out to be at Mazzerati’s side, but realistically, to also observe how the champ does in this match.

Mazzerati takes time out of the ring to gain her bearings and comes back strong. Using quick moves to take it to her bigger, taller opponent. Mazzerati bringing a bit of strong style maneuvers into this match was very impressive. Cassandra makes a comeback and has the fans on the edge of their seats. Will we see a new champ? Mazzerati pulls off a northern lights suplex that puts her back into the game. But doesn’t get the pin. A frustrated Mazzerati grabs her belt. This shows to be a grave mistake, as this gives Cassandra time to recover and pull off a spine buster to get a pin. Quite a shock to the fans, but it didn’t stop them from showing their excitement.

Congratulations to the new women’s champion “The Golden One” Cassandra Golden!

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