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Are the Outcasts on their way out?

The debuts of Saraya, Toni Storm, and Rubi Soho have already been witnessed by those of us who have been watching AEW TV religiously. When they first arrived, they made an effort to fit in and demonstrate that they could have an impact on the company. Now, as the Outcasts story line has developed, they are aiming to set themselves apart from the other women in the locker room. The question is, where is this story line leading to?

The Outcasts are currently in a hot and heavy feud with Britt Baker and the AEW Home Grown women in the locker room. This includes Jamie Hayter, Riho, and even Willow Nightingale at times. As they have “declared war” on the AEW Homegrown talent, according to a tweet from AEW’s account, what is the endgame? What would be the “spoils of war”, the reward? 

The gimmick is currently being met with mixed reactions. Some fans love it, and feel like it gives them something to do, even though the gimmick just kind of fell together according to Saraya on an interview she recently did with Talk Sport.

“It kind of started falling together because Tony (Khan) put all these different matches together and there wasn’t really a story to them right after me and Britt were done, and then they just started going together. Toni was like, ‘I want to turn heel.’ Tony Khan did this thing where he was like, ‘We have to do this promo with (Hikaru) Shida. We did this backstage with Shida where I had to tell Toni, ‘Hey, I want you to be my partner.

Then he started seeing me and Toni together more and more and we started building this tag team where we were more obsessed with each other and started hating everybody else. ‘Okay, we need to bring one more person in,’ because they wanted to eventually do the six-person. We were talking about Ruby. Ruby is ex-WWE with an outsider kind of thing…”

Other fans are not a fan of the storyline, and do not like its similarities to the NWO including the nod to the use of spray paint. What does it look like if we fast-forward and the Outcasts get their way? Do they rule the Women’s division supremely until a Homegrown discovers a way to topple them? Do they rule and then disappear? Or do the AEW Homegrowns win and forever exile the Outcasts?

We’ll just have to wait and see how everything turns out, I guess! To see how it develops, keep watching AEW Dynamite Wednesdays on TBS.


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