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Battle Slam Thriller Results Along With Next Event Information

Battle Slam Results

Abadon defeats Janai Kai 

The perfect person for an event like this is Abadon. In addition, they hold the presence of the show, fulfilling the entire Thriller theme. On the contrary, Janai Kai is no stranger to the Battle Slam ring.

In the end, Abadon picks up the victory, giving the fans a chilling and hard-fought match with Kai. Will Abadon return to seek out another victim?–PNpgbm/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Chad Skywalker & Jada Stone defeated Richard King & Ashley D’Amboise

Along with all the chaos, this event brings intergender tag team wrestling to the ring. Chad Skywalker and Jada Stone gain the victory over the team of Ashley D’Amboise and Richard King. In addition, Skywalker and Stone receive the early advantage, leading to their victory.

Their chemistry in the ring leaves fans wanting more. Seeing their interactions with their opponents, it seems this feud with King and D’Amboise may just be beginning. What will be next for all of the competitors?

Queen Aminata defeats KiLynn King 

Queen versus King. The match that many have been anticipating for weeks. In the end, Queen Aminata defeats KiLynn King, continuing her undefeated streak.

As we approach, the next Battle Slam event happening November 27th, who will be up next for The Queen of Battle Slam? With the ending of this match, King might not be done with Queen just yet.

Other results

  1. Shoot Taylor defeats AC Mack, Carlie Bravo, and Leon Ruff

  2. Adam Priest defeats Jeremy Prophet

  3. Kevin Knight defeats Ace Austin

  4. Lee Johnson defeats Tre LaMar

  5. The Russell Twins defeat Culture Inc.

  6. Baron Black defeats Speedball Mike Bailey, retaining the ICON World Championship

Tickets for the next event are available now: 

We will have live coverage of Battle Slam Bonfire coming soon. Check out all of our footage from tonight’s show and be sure to get your tickets now for the next event. As the card develops, we will have all of the matches posted here.


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