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Becky Lynch & Lita Win Women’s Tag Team Champions

Becky Lynch and Lita crown new Women’s Tag Team Champions on RAW.

Last week, Lita appeared on RAW to set up a crucial title match against Damage CTRL. Together with Becky Lynch, the WWE Hall of Famer won her first career tag team championship tonight.

Becky Lynch & Lita Def. Dakota Kai & IYO SKY

In the main event of RAW tonight, Lita and Becky Lynch will face Dakota Kai and IYO SKY for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. For the majority of the game, The Man carried the burden. Bayley at one point prevented Lita from receiving the hot tag during the match. The unexpected return of Trish Stratus eliminated the Role Model from the equation. Trish subsequently encouraged Lita from ringside.

TRISH STRATUS IS BACK!@trishstratuscom has returned on #WWERaw with her sights set on @itsBayleyWWE! — WWE (@WWE) February 28, 2023

Lita encountered a fortunate turn of events on IYO SKY. Trish overpowered Bayley’s attempt to stop Lita. Dakota Sky was subjected to an arm bar by Lynch on the mat. For the decisive victory, Lita pounced on the chance and executed a moonsault on SKY.

On this week’s Raw, there were two additional women’s matches.

Candice LeRae Def. Piper Niven

Piper Niven faced off against Candice LeRae. LeRae moved toward the ring while Nikki Cross followed closely behind. Cross watched the contest from ringside. Although it wasn’t given as much time as the other two women’s matches, this one did help advance the plot because Cross was eliminated by Niven when she tried to get involved. Niven became too distracted by this, and LeRae ended up winning. After the match, LeRae hurried to the back without Cross, who was unconscious at the ringside.

Asuka Def. Carmella

This week, Asuka also faced Carmella, and for the first time ever in a singles match, Asuka was successful in defeating Carmella. This match received a nice amount of time and was good, giving Carmella lots of opportunities for offense. Mella was unable to escape the armbar submission that Asuka has been using to eliminate all of her opponents since making a comeback at the Royal Rumble, which was unfortunate for her.

Asuka singled out Bianca Belair after the game. In response, Belair moved toward the ring. The two did converse for a while, but Carmella would attack Asuka from behind, shoving her into Belair, knocking them both to the ground.

Chelsea Green can be seen in Adam Pearce’s office a short while later. She was upset that, rather than Ottawa, Canada, she had been sent last week to Ottawa, Illinois. She questioned Pearce about how she was supposed to be aware that Ottawa, Canada existed, but Pearce emphasized that she is a Canadian. Carmella would enter to make a correction.

Carmella would meet Belair the following week, Pearce informed her as he had to take a phone call. Carmella and Chelsea later made introductions to one another. Each appeared to enjoy the other’s style and have a connection.

Maxxine Dupri (@maxxinedupri) 📺WWE Monday Night Raw 02.27.23#WWERaw #WWE — Ladies of Wrestling (@LOWreddit_) February 28, 2023

Maxxine Dupri is still keeping an eye on Otis. Dupri informed Otis’s backstage that she would be waiting for him at the ringside if he needed a match. He was given the opportunity to face Johnny Gargano, but he ultimately lost the match when Maximum Male Models, who were attempting to kill Gargano at ringside, were dealt with by what appeared to be Dexter Lumis.


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