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Bianca Belair Is Still On Top, How Long Will She Carry The Championship?

Sonya Deville and Bianca Belair met for the first time on Raw Monday night in Bianca’s hometown of Knoxville, TN. Sonya changed the rules twice, making it a no-count-out, no-disqualification match. Even bringing out Queen Zelina and Carmella to help her win the Raw Women’s Championship. However, Bianca defied the odds and defeated Sonya with her K.O.D finisher, retaining her Raw Women’s Championship.

How long will Bianca’s title reign last? Now that Asuka has inserted herself back into the mix with the Raw Women’s division anything is possible. With Bayley and Alexa returning in the near future Bianca’s title reign might be in jeopardy when Asuka finds her. It’s hard to argue with the EST of WWE and the first woman to win Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships back to back at Wrestlemania.

Until the WWE Universe finds out who Bianca Belair’s next challenger is she’s going to continue to reign over the Raw Women’s division.

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