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Charlotte Flair Names Opponents She Wants to Main Event With At WrestleMania 40

Tickets have begun to sale for WrestleMania XL in Philadelphia next year, and while the returns have already broken gate records, there may be a glimpse of the card yet to take form. The Queen of the WWE, Charlotte Flair, is already pondering exactly how she’ll leave her mark at the showcase of the immortals. Flair recently spoke with Sports Illustrated’s, Justin Barrasso, about a list of opponents she’d ideally headline with. Those names included Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, and perhaps the most interesting name, Mercedes Moné. Moné is no longer with the company, and you can argue the former Sasha Banks is Flair’s greatest rival. Flair believes her and Moné could top their past work.

“We’ll see what WrestleMania XL brings, but you know what’s crazy?” says Flair, who was promoting WrestleMania XL ticket sales. “Think of how much better we are now than we were then. We’ve both grown so much, you can’t even compare it too before.”

Flair, a 14-time Women’s World Champion, is no stranger to the spotlight. She was part of the first Women’s main event at WrestleMania 35, and all her WrestleMania appearances have featured a title. A feat she shares with only Brock Lesnar.

Making history is a part of her brand, which she looks to continue in breaking her father, Ric Flair, record for title reigns at 16.

“I’m breaking the record,” says Flair. “I’m so close. For so long, I stayed away from discussing it. But I’ve done every single thing there is to do, and this is my next goal. I want to keep getting better and see where I can take this character.”

While Flair’s legacy is certainly cemented, she still has aspirations for more and the opportunity to create with the next generation of talent. Her and Rhea Ripley had arguably the match of the weekend at Wrestlemania 39, and it may not be long before Flair and Belair add to their singles rivalry. Flair was very complimentary of Belair’s championship reign.

“Seeing Bianca handle her position as champion for so long, watching her do the interviews, the meet-and greets, and carrying all of those responsibilities, I’m so proud of her. I know that type of pressure. She carried herself as a beautiful example of a WWE champion. And I love her competitiveness. We’re both very fiery. Whether it’s WrestleMania XL, WrestleMania 41, or WrestleMania 42, it’s going to happen.”

Who should the queen face off with at WrestleMania XL, should she continue her streak of title matches at WrestleMania? Give us your take in the comments!


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