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Devon Monroe is Black Sexellence

Chances are if you are a fan of independent wrestling, you’ve seen or heard of Devon Monroe in some capacity. Always ready to steal the show and guaranteed to always look great doing it. Devon has been wrestling for over three years. Devon grew up as a wrestling fan and eventually decided to start wrestling training after graduating high school. He chose The Academy School of Professional Wrestling, based in Minnesota, and was trained by Arik Cannon and Ken Anderson.

From the very beginning, Devon’s goal was to take LGBTQ wrestling further and give it the spotlight it deserves. He said that LGBTQ wrestlers are still fighting for more opportunities that aren’t always available to them just because of who they are. He has even lost bookings because of his sexuality and has been told he’s not allowed to do a particular move during a match. Through it all, Devon remains positive and is happy to be able to inspire others.

Devon has had many cool moments during his 3-year career so far. He has worked everything from Paris is Bumping to Black Wrestlers Matter. Some of his personal highlights include facing Ace Austin for the Impact X Division Championship, being a former Higher Ground Future Clash Champion and being a regular performer on EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch.

Another highlight for Devon includes headlining multiple First Wrestling shows, and winning the first Wrestling Uptown V W Championship in November 2021. First Wrestling was Devon’s first Indy show and it has been great watching him grow in the promotion. Devon involved in one of my favorite matches of the year when he faced Dark Sheik and EFFY in a triple threat match during the main event at a First Wrestling show in May 2022.

I have been watching Devon’s career for the past couple years after first seeing him at a show in Duluth, MN. He is having the best entrance outfits, has so much charisma, has excellent matches and is genuinely one of the nicest humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I love how confident he is and how he is not afraid to be himself. I strongly recommenced checking out some of his matches online, or better yet, go see him live and get the full Devon Monroe experience. You won’t regret it.


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