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Ember Moon

Ember Moon is a professional wrestler who is most known for her time with the WWE. She has built quite a reputation for herself in the wrestling world. The pro wrestling industry was introduced to Moon by her grandpa, who enrolled her in Skandor Akbar’s training program in April 2007. She eventually went on to train with Booker T’s Pro Wrestling Alliance in Houston, Texas and made her professional wrestling debut later that year on the independent circuit.

Ember Moon was previously renowned on the independent circuit under the ring name Athena before making her WWE debut. Shimmer, WSU, and Anarchy Championship Wrestling were among the companies for which Athena wrestled on a regular basis. As a three-time ACW American Joshi Champion, Athena earned a prestigious reputation in the world of women’s wrestling.

Previously, Moon wrestled in NXT, where she was a two-time NXT Women’s Champion. She made her WWE main roster debut in 2018 after competing in NXT. She is the first woman to have won both the NXT Women’s Championship and the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Since being released by the WWE in November of 2021, Moon has returned to the independent circuit, where she is now known by her former ring name, Athena, as she has done in the past.

The Warrior Wrestling Women’s Championship will be decided today, February 12th, when Athena faces Thunder Rose for the first time.

Athena is a star in the wrestling world with an excellent background, and she will undoubtedly be a wrestler to keep an eye on in the future.


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