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Former WWE Superstar Ariane Andrew Introduces Luxury Indie Promotion

Formerly known as Cameron in WWE, Ariane Andrew has been a major player in the overall discussion of women that a lot of wrestling fans have wanted to see make a comeback.

Ariane is not only returning to wrestling but taking an executive role backstage.

In September, it was announced that Andrew would be starting a new promotion in West Hollywood, California, Pound Town Wrestling.

The main focus of this “luxury” indie promotion is to have story-driven programs as opposed to spot-focused bouts, frequently associated with Indie wrestling.

As well as providing a party-like atmosphere with a live DJ, bottle service and VIP seating.

The first live event took place on October 12 and turned heads.

Especially, after Ariane took off her business suit and laced up the wrestling boots to face off against Sonny Kiss.

Without giving too much away, because this October 12th event will be available on PPV on October 19th, Ariane starts off the match pretty much in control, showing off the fact she is not the same wrestler that she was with only three months of wrestling training in WWE.

She goes blow for blow with Sonny and even pulls out a hurricanrana early on. The crowd is lit and split between Sonny and Ariane.

This was a proper showcase that showed off Ariane’s improvement in the ring.

However, it was also refreshing being reminded of how impressive Sonny Kiss is and what a loss that was on the AEW roster.

Suplexes, bronco busters and a split for a pin were all on display for this debut main event match.

Sonny Kiss vs Ariane Andrew.

Women's Wrestling Talk exclusive footage of Sonny Kiss vs Ariane Andrew

This surprise in-ring appearance from Ariane starts to make you become a fantasy booker in your head and think of the possibilities of what she could do in other promotions.

Let’s dive deep into this line of thinking and go over these prospects.


With one-half of the Funkadactyls, Trinity at the head of the knockouts division, it makes you think what a reunion with Ariane would be like.

Maybe Trinity can revisit her feud with Gisele Shaw and Savannah Evans as the odds can finally be even for a tag team match.

Or in a shocking twist of events, have Ariane join forces with the quintessential diva, Gisele Shaw and take it to Trinity. Ariane has had to take crap and hear comparisons to Trinity.

Trinity is seen as the ultimate athlete, while Ariane hasn’t had that confidence from the fans.

So to see that frustration bubble over to her real-life friend and biggest confidant would honestly be amazing.

There are so many talented women and storylines in Impact wrestling, the possibilities are endless.


It always feels good to make a name for yourself and return to a company that you had your first start in.

It allows you to have that track record highlighted and admired by the new talent on the roster.

Ariane famously left the main roster to go to developmental in NXT to get better.

So why not return to NXT and face off against these phenomenal athletes on the roster and revamp her career like Mandy Rose did?

Someone like Lola Vice or Jakara Jackson would have that same spiciness that Ariane has and make some great TV moments.


I think Ariane’s great mics skills and a keen eye for upcoming talent would be greatly used as a manager in MLW.

Similar to the likes of Salina de La Renta. She can collect talent like Thanos with the gems and even butt heads with Salina.

Even this collision among managers climaxes with a tournament to determine who has the best clients.

MLW respects and sees the importance of managers and valets and Ariane would fit great in that locker room.


AEW is not the best with having a wealth of women’s matches on the card, but there is room for managers and I think that would be a strategic way for Ariane to make it up to the upper crest of the AEW locker room.

Possibly seeing Ariane manage Kiera Hogan and push her client to get more opportunities would be great.


Since the inception of Smackdown it has always been seen as the secondary show, but nine times out of ten, has the best talent and segments out of both rosters. Possibly due to the chip on the shoulder of Smackdown talent not being seen as the red-headed stepchild in WWE. Ariane would probably have the same chip and rise to the occasion. Bayley would be the one that I think could bring something out of Ariane that she wasn’t expecting. Bayley was part of a group of women who wanted to change the landscape of women’s wrestling in WWE. Who more than likely played a role in Ariane wanting to go to developmental to work on her in-ring skills. So Ariane would feel that she has a lot to prove. Especially because she was a part of that last crop of Divas in the company.

Asuka would be a nightmare that still taunts her as probably one of the hardest matches that she had in her short stint in NXT. Maybe if Ariane returned to NXT, she would want to prove that she could have a rematch with Asuka and avoid those deadly strikes.


Ariane would be a natural fit in WOW with the over-the-top, campy personalities in WOW. The all-female atmosphere would be a haven for a girl’s girl like Ariane. The LA vibe would be perfect for a California girl like Andrew.


Ring of Honor has been doing a phenomenal job of giving women a great amount of TV time. Also, a great amount of time to develop proper stories. This might sound far-fetched for some, but Ariane facing off against the World Women’s champion Athena would make sense to me. Think about it. Athena is currently an unbeatable champ, someone who left the financial safety of WWE to challenge herself to some of the best women’s wrestlers in the world. To also prove what she knew all along. Which is that she is a force to be reckoned with. Ariane knew that with training she could become a good wrestler. However, facing off against someone like Athena could be an uphill battle. Some things could prove to be too hard at first, but her resilience can win the crowd over, and her determination to continue to challenge the champ can bring her the thing that she’s wanted for a long time. The fans acceptance of her as a wrestler.


NWA prides itself on upholding old-school wrestling and traditions from the territory days of wrestling. Respect for pro wrestling is a must-have on the rosters in NWA, I think it would be appropriate to see Ariane, who doesn’t have the brawler style face off against the women’s TV title champion Max the Impaler. These two are such opposites that it would humanize Ariane to fans who want to see her earn her stripes in the ring. That even if Ariane was able to last a few minutes in a match with Max that would give her street cred. The clear position of light vs pure darkness in the potential feud would be money. Especially with utilizing Max’s manager James Mitchell to play mind games on Ariane throughout this feud.

I could go on with the booking, but you get the picture. This is one of the best times in the history of women's wrestling, so the possibilities are endless.

With wrestling fans having a pick of the litter for wrestling content, why not feel like you’re a part of VIP and watch Pound Town Wrestling on PPV this Thursday, October 19th?

Some wrestlers that you can expect to see are Zeda Zhang, Mazzerati, Alex Garcia and Sonny Kiss.

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