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Future Talent of AEW

Since it was started, AEW has been accused of not taking care of its women’s division very well. It is a reputation that the company is still having trouble with. But in the last few months, AEW has added more women to its roster. Thunder Rosa, Ruby Soho, Serena Deeb, and Mercedes Martinez are some of the well-known people who have given the division a new lease on life.

Even more important, these women not only have a lot of credibilities and a lot of star power. They also act as mentors for the next generation of talented people to help them grow and become better at their jobs. So, who are the women in AEW’s next group? Some are already on AEW every week. Several people are just starting out on their own journey. All of these women could be the future of AEW if they had the right mix of spices.

Reka Tehaka

It was when I saw Tehaka and Marina Shafir fight on AEW Dark that I learned more about her. When Tehaka and Shafir fought, they worked well together because of their MMA wrestling styles.

There are more Reka out there now, so I’m looking for more of them. There hasn’t been a lot of Tehaka on AEW. Still, Tehaka has been making a name for herself on the indie scene, even though she doesn’t have a lot of money or a big name.

Everything you want in a wrestler is in Reka, so you should hire her. She can be both a babyface and a heel, which is good for someone who has only worked in the ring a few years. In the Nightmare Factory, Tehaka learned how to be strong and have a bright future. All wrestlers need that intangible “it” factor, and she has it. With time, she will become a well-trained wrestler, too. One to keep an eye on Reka is indeed one to keep an eye out for. There is a good chance that she will make her Dynamite debut soon rather than later.

Jade Cargill

With only a year in the business, Jade is already a huge star.

When she won the TBS title, I was a little surprised at first. I didn’t think she was ready to hold a title that could make other women feel bad. I thought I was being a fool. There were people who didn’t believe Jade would be able to do what they thought she could. AEW has put on a lot of fights with Thunder Rosa, Kris Statlander, and most recently, Anna Jay since he joined. Improve and win over more people with each new week. You know the rest: The name of TBS is true.

Jamie Hayter

Jamie Hayter is one of the least-appreciated women on the list, even though we see her almost every week. Because of Britt Baker, she has to work under her, which can both be good and bad. While they worked well together, it was a good way for Hayter to get her foot in the door as Britt’s partner. As a group, they have worked together for too long, and it’s probably not good for Hayter any longer.

Even though Hayter has some flaws, he has still impressed. During the short time she has been on TV, Hayter has looked like a natural heel. There aren’t many women on the team who can be both real badass and chicken s**t heel.

There is a good chance that Jamie Hayter will break out. She will have a long-lasting feud with Mrs. DMD, and it will be epic! Hayter is a rising star.

Kris Statlander

As Kris Statlander is already well-known in AEW, this may appear like a lame attempt to save face. However, the greatest extraterrestrial in the galaxy is AEW’s near future, in my opinion.

She is one of the best AEW wrestlers I have ever seen, and she always brings a grin to my face whenever I see her on TV. The combination of her stature, strength, and agility as a powerlifter result in an impressive repertoire of moves. Is it possible for anybody else to do an inverted piledriver and a 450-foot splash like this?

Statlander’s early days at AEW were marked by superb character work, with a single boop on the nose expressing everything she needed to say. Her pun-filled character names are also spot on. Area 451, now that’s a brilliant idea.

Kris is being held back by the same skill that drew us to her in the first place. To see Stanlander join Best Friends and Orange Cassidy to the ring was a touch disheartening. I still have faith that Statlander will return to the Andromeda galaxy with the AEW Women’s Championship sometime soon.

Anna Jay

Anna Jay, who debuted in AEW and has made significant progress since then, is proof that sometimes things just take a little time to work out.

In the beginning, she had a difficult time working with the Dark Order. In her role as Brodie Lee’s stoic, melancholy henchwoman, Jay was given very little room to maneuver. Thanks to her newfound fame as a model and her relationship with Tay Conti, Anna has a fresh start. Wrestling is known for making individuals go outside of their comfort zones, but there are times when it’s better to remain with what you’re familiar with. Anna Jay has flourished as a result of her close-knit group of friends and the freedom to express herself as she sees fit.

Anna Jay’s recent Lights Out tag team bout on Rampage has placed her on the attention of many fans. Together with her recent victory against Jade Cargill, this proves that Anna Jay is a rising star. Anna Jay’s progress has been steady ever since she arrived at AEW. There’s a rare chance for you to see Anna perform on the mic on Being The Elite when she isn’t beating the living hell out of Stu Grayson.

Here, their roster is constantly expanding. In any case, what are your thoughts on the matter? Are there any new major names in AEW? If not, who do you think would be a good match for the independents and AEW.? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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