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Hikaru Shida Has No Nerves Going Into All In

Hikaru Shida isn’t feeling the nerves of wrestling in front of 80,000 people this Sunday at All In.

In an interview with Fightful, the AEW Women’s Champion shared her thoughts about the huge fatal four-way match this Sunday at All In.

“I don’t know why, but I feel so ready for the match, and it’s not only physically but mentally too.”

Initially capturing her first AEW championship during the pandemic, Shida’s first title reign was conducted in empty areas, to either complete silence or the support of her AEW peers. Now, she faces one of the biggest audiences in wrestling history. Shida admits the crowd that will pack into Wembley Stadium this Sunday is twice as big as anything she has ever seen. But the unimaginable size of the crowd has played a role in her lack of nerves ahead of All In.

I couldn’t recommend checking out this interview more than enough. It Is an extended look at Shida, someone who rarely has a spotlight shone upon her. While relatively short, the interview touches upon all aspects of her career, from bringing Joshi wrestling to the States to her relationship with Britt Baker and even a potential rematch with Jamie Hayter. If you have a spare 11 minutes in your day, check it out.

Are you excited for All In and the Women’s title match? Do you think Shida will walk out of Wembley still holding her championship? Let us know what you think. We at WWT love seeing what our readers think.


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