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The piercing tongue and bulging eyes of this rarely-seen force in women’s wrestling is a welcoming sight. Despite her weird attitude and self-proclaimed walk with demons, Holidead’s powerful prowess in the ring makes you pull for her to win.

At the Knokx Pro Wrestling Academy in 2013, veteran WWE wrestlers Rikishi and Gangrel taught Holidead how to wrestle. She had the chance to perform at Stardom at the Masked Fiesta Event in 2015, and she took advantage of the occasion.

Together, Holidead and Thunder Rosa established the Twisted Sisterz, a tag team that has been quite successful. This was a great combo that got a lot of attention in the wrestling industry. Participating in shows including Ring of Honor, Beyond Wrestling, and Shine to display their talents.

Throughout her solo career, Holidead has shown that she is ready to fight. People need to be reminded that she is one of the top wrestlers in the business today and not to be taken lightly. During the ROH women’s tournament, she had a match with Max the Impaler that was comparable to a Godzilla vs. King Kong battle.

Her next move was to join MLW, where a women’s section had just been formed, and annihilate everyone in her path. Five-star matches like Willow Nightingale and Nicole Savoy are being staged by Holidead for a massive audience.

After defeating La Rosa Negra, Holidead now proudly holds the women’s championship in Mission Pro Wrestling. For some time now, Holidead has been demonstrating that she is a genuine member of the Order of the Black Sun. Now, after all of her hard work and perseverance, she is finally enjoying the rewards of her contributions.


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