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IMPACT1000: Traci Brooks Will Be Inducted Into Impact Hall Of Fame

IMPACTWrestling! has made a name for itself since its inception as TNA in June 2004. In 2011, the name, TNA was charged to Impact Wrestling with the catchphrase "Where Wrestling Matters."

I have been to a few Impact tapings, but Impact 1000 was the first show I've been to in a few years. Impact made its way back to New York by having two shows at the Westchester County Center. The first was on Friday, September 8, 2023, for Victory Road 2023. The next event was the very next night to celebrate 1000 Impact episodes, which was Impact 1000. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to Victory Road, but I was there a few rows from the ring for Impact 1000.

Before the episode aired, on YouTube there was a singles match between KiLynn King and Jody Threat which I was there for. Jody came into the match hot. Delivering many strong clotheslines. KiLynn, as usual, was dominant letting Jody have it, but Jody was tenacious.

There were so moments, I enjoyed such as KiLynn countering a head scissors attempt. Also, when Jody did a fiving senton off of the apron and then did a Hurricanrana from the top rope. Even when it seemed to be going KiLynn’s way, Jody fought back and used the crowd’s chants to rally behind her. Jody would win this match by doing a German suplex. However, KiLynn’s foot was on the rope, so I don’t know how that will play out in the future.

There was an in-ring segment where IMPACT Wrestling President Scott D’Amore came to the ring and recalled Team Canada’s debut in the first episode. He also said that the upcoming shows will celebrate IMPACT’s history, present, and future and introduced Gail Kim who put over the Knockouts.

One of the things that Gail said that stood out to me was "The Knockouts has always been about raising the bar. They've always been about showing what they go, and not just talking." It was so good to see Gail Kim in the ring again. Gail shows footage of some of the greatest moments in Knockouts' history. She was interrupted by The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky).

Angelina and Velvet question the validity of the video package as they weren’t in it. They throw more insults around and Gail welcomes them back sarcastically, saying they can do what they do best – be rude and obnoxious.

Gisele Shaw would come out accompanied by Jai Vidal and Savannah Evans. Gisele said she wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the Beautiful People, but also said that she is an improved version of them. Velvet asked who was so great from their generation, and Jordynne Grace came out.

Jordynne corrects them by saying Gisele is from her generation. She mentions ODB, Gail, Traci, and Tara as some of the greats, but said the constants were annoying b****es. Deonna comes out and says she started her own generation when she defeated Jordynne for the Knockouts World Title.

Trinity would come out, and it was so good to see how much everyone cheered her on there. She says she is currently on top as the current Knockout Champion. She also thanks all of them for paving the way for her. Deonna told Trinity to see her when she gets three reigns. Gail countered Deonna by saying to find her when she gets seven.

Awesome King and Raisha Saeed would come out and they are then interrupted by Tasha who has been gone for a bit. She said she was part of Generation Flava and that history can’t be talked about without her. Right after that, Mickie came out and again the crowd erupted. It was also great to see.

Mickie says that she didn’t need to mention her accolades and that she will also be the last member of this 10-knockouts match. She says her team is Team Over and that the Knockouts match will be “the greatest fight in Knockouts history.”

This would lead to 10 ladies making their teams for the 10 women Knockout Tag Team match. Gisele with Angelina Love, Savannah Evans, Deonna Purazzo, and Tasha Steelz. Mickie James rounded out the other team featuring, Gail, Awesome King, Jordynne Grace, and Knockout’s Champion, Trinity.

Traci Brooks & Frankie Kazarian vs. Alisha & Eddie Edwards

There was then a mixed tag match between Frankie Kazarian & Traci Brooks vs. Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards The rivalry between the husband and wife duos has reached its breaking point. Alisha slaps Traci right away. Traci responds by hitting Alisha with a series of strikes.

Frankie flips Eddie out of the ring onto the floor, but using a slingshot hurricanrana. Alisha and Traci’s fighting also spills outside of the ring. Once back in, Alisha kicks Traci and then tags out of the match. Eddie would grab Traci by the hair and she would slap him. Using this, she crawls under his legs and tags out, Frankie gets good offense in, but Traci kicks him in the back. This allowed Eddie to do his Blue Thunder Bomb.

Frankie is able to do a backstabber. Just as he was going in to tag Traci, Alisha knocked her off the apron. Frankie would suplex Alisha and Traci would come into spearing Alisha. Eddie tries to do a Backpack Stunner on her, but she counters this by raking his eyes. Traci hits the X Factor on Eddie and then Frankie does a running knee. Traci would then do a Fade to Black to pin Alisha and win. This was a solid match. Had some of the people in the crowd really riled up.

After the match, Frankie will take the mic and show a video package. It was then revealed that Traci Brooks would be inducted in this year’s class of the IMPACT Hall of Fame. Traci is the original Knockout. She is joined by her son and cries in the ring. It was a very touching moment. She will be joining Don West and Mike Tenay. This will take place at Bound for Glory in Chicago.

Other Match Results:

Feast or Fried Match

Winners: Chris Bey, Crazzy Steve, Yuya Uemura & Moose

Team 3D vs. Desi Hit Squad

Winner: Team 3D

X-Division Championship: Lio Rush (c) vs. Chris Sabin

Winner: And New X- Division Champion- Chris Sabin


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