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#IMPACTPreview The Quintessential Diva vs. The HBIC

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Gisele Shaw vs. Mia Yim

As discussed in last week’s IMPACT! Recap, Mia Yim is interrupted by Gisele Shaw while speaking with Gia Miller. In addition, Yim challenges Shaw to a match before Yim takes on Mickie James at Bound For Glory. What will happen when The Quintessential Diva and The HBIC go head to head?

During her interview with Gia Miller, Shaw expresses to Yim that if she can not get the job done with beating James, what makes Yim any different? Although this question is valid, Yim is no stranger to James.

Before the interruption by Shaw, we see a clip of James and Yim from their match in Maryland Championship Wrestling. James may have gotten the win this time, but will that be the case at Bound For Glory? In the meantime, be sure to watch their full match below.

An important thing to point out is that Yim is the one that issues the challenge to Shaw. This speaks highly to the confidence of Mia Yim. In addition, Shaw has proven herself to be up for any challenge. To no surprise, these Knockouts continue to display their relevance within the division, with this match being no different.

This win for Yim would give her just the momentum she needs to face off with a legend like Mickie James. On the other hand, the win for Shaw would give her the advantage she needs going into the Call Your Shot gauntlet. Either way, this match will determine who goes into Bound For Glory with the upper hand.

We will have live footage of this match posted to our social media. Be sure to check out our IMPACT! post-show every week. On the next show, we will be giving our predictions for all the matches happening at Bound For Glory.


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