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#IMPACTRecap Bound For Glory Results

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Let me start this recap and say that I was pretty surprised by some of these results. With this recap, I will give a few of my thoughts on some of the decisions made. Now that Bound For Glory is over, how will these results change the landscape of the Knockouts division?

Mickie James defeats Mia Yim

Before the match, Mickie James catches up with Gia Miller. She talks about picking Mia Yim for the last rodeo. James goes on to tell Miller, “Baby, I am the torch.”

During the match, James pulls out all the stops to gain the win. However, Yim is not going to give up that fast. All in all, James is the better competitor, continuing her last rodeo to the top.

Who will be next to hop into the last rodeo with Mickie James? Here are a few Knockouts I would like to see:

  1. Masha Slamovich

  2. Rosemary

  3. Jordynne Grace

  4. Taylor Wilde

Taylor Wilde returns to IMPACT! Wrestling 

Speaking of Taylor Wilde, she makes a surprise return at Bound For Glory. She enters the Call Your Shot gauntlet and takes us back to 2007 with a fun spot with Bully Ray.

What will be next for Wilde as she makes her return as a Knockout?

Death Dollz defeat VXT

As Rosemary gets them on the same page, Taya Valkyrie and JesSICKa prepare for VXT. Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green make it very clear that everyone will see the power of VXT after this match. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

#ANDNEW Valkyrie and JesSICKa are the new IMPACT! Knockouts World Tag Team Champions. Be sure to check out our interview with one-half of the new champions, JesSICKa, available now.

Jordynne Grace defeats Masha Slamovich

Before I start, let me let out a deep sigh. Even though I predicted that this would happen, I am still in shock. In my opinion, this was the time for Masha Slamovich.

That is not to take anything away from Jordynne Grace. With that being said, this reign of Grace still remains quite unpredictable. Following the match, I am a bit confused about why Slamovich went undefeated for so long. Especially if she is just going to lose to the champion.

Now, Grace places an even bigger target on her back. Taking an undefeated streak as a champion carries a heavy weight, ask Charlotte Flair. Who will be the next to step up to the reigning IMPACT! Knockouts World Champion?

Be sure to check out some of our thoughts on Bound For Glory available now.


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