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#IMPACTRecap MK Ultra Want All The Smoke

Photo Credit | WWT EIC Driune Santana

Courtney Rush and JesSICKa believe they deserve another chance at the Knockouts World Tag Team Championships. On the contrary, The Coven are fresh off their victory and do not want to wait to call their shot. It seems like MK Ultra is up for all challenges for Emergence.

Ahead of their match at Emergence, Deonna Purrazzo has a message to KiLynn King and the current Knockouts World Champion, Trinity.

KiLynn, congratulations! Last week, you were able to do what not very many people here at IMPACT! Wrestling have been able to do, defeat The Virtuosa Deonna Purrazzo.

Their match is set for next week!

And Trinity, I hope you're watching because this isn't just about retribution for last week - this is about giving you a glimpse to your future at Emergence

Jody Threat defeats Alisha Edwards

From the start of the match, Jody Threat goes after Alisha Edwards and gains some quick momentum. Edwards finds herself in the bottom turnbuckle and starts swinging on Threat. After gaining the advantage, Edwards taunts the crowd and quickly takes it to Threat.

Edwards is looking to get the victory even if it takes the help of her husband. With the interference by Eddie Edwards, Frankie Kazarian comes out to even out the odds. Unfortunately, this distraction does not help Alisha Edwards.

In the end, Jody Threat gets the win and Edwards is met with a strike to the face. After the match, Kazarian accidentally hits Alisha Edwards with a kendo stick. Alisha Edwards' condition is not clear as of now but we are sure Eddie is furious about this one.

Be sure to check out our interview with Eddie Edwards available now. Our #IMPACTonAXSTV post-show airs live tonight with #TheSaltShakkas. Stream live on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live.

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