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#IMPACTRecap Over Drive Results

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Over Drive Results

Taya Valkyrie and JesSICKa defeat Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans

Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans look to gain their first gold together. However, the Death Dollz have no plans of ending their reign this quickly. In the end, JesSICKa and Taya Valkyrie retain their titles, looking on to more opponents.

Who could face off with the Death Dollz next?

Mickie James defeats Taylor Wilde

After the match, James is greeted in the ring by a surprise guest. Deonna Purrazzo confronts James, letting her know that she will be the one to end the career of Mickie James. Will this be the build for Hard To Kill?

With the history between James and Purrazzo, Hard To Kill is the perfect place for their match. As we know, James defeats Purrazzo in a Texas Deathmatch at Hard To Kill 2021. Can Purrazzo get the job done this time, taking out James for good?

.@DeonnaPurrazzo is here to send @MickieJames a message! #OverDrive — IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 19, 2022

The Salt Shakkas will be in the building for Hard To Kill with live coverage of all the matches!

Jordynne Grace defeats Masha Slamovich 

Well, well, well! Jordynne Grace does it again. The Queen of the Mountain defeats Masha Slamovich yet again to retain her championship. Grace adds another accolade to her career by defeating Slamovich in a Last Knockout Standing match.

Now that the dust is settled between Grace and Slamovich, who will be next for the champion?

In addition, The Salt Shakkas will be hosting a very special post-show for Thanksgiving night. Be sure to tune in as they discuss all of the chaos from Over Drive. Stream live on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.


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