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#IMPACTRecap The HBIC Returns To Under Siege

After Rebellion, a new era in IMPACT! Wrestling is upon us. With the tension going into Under Siege, everyone is looking for a victory. Now, we are on the road to Slammiversary and the pressure is on.

Gisele Shaw defeats Madison Rayne 

Following her match with Tenille Dashwood, Gisele Shaw takes on her partner, Madison Rayne at Under Siege. To even the odds, Alisha Edwards accompanies Shaw to the ring. In addition, it was Rayne that helped Dashwood get her victory over Shaw last week on BTI.

However, that plan was unsuccessful this time. Shaw gives Rayne a final knee to the face, gaining a win over the champion.

Could this victory give Gisele Shaw a shot at those IMPACT! Knockouts World Tag Team Championships? In addition, will she pick Alisha Edwards to be her partner? With her history with Lady Frost, we could see yet another return in the Knockouts division.

Taya Valkyrie defeats Deonna Purrazzo

After the loss at Rebellion, Deonna Purrazzo wasted no time getting her rematch. The current AAA Reina de Reinas Champion, Taya Valkyrie immediately accepts the challenge. Before the bell, Purrazzo hits Valkyrie with a punch to the face.

To no surprise, Valkyrie was not too happy about it and went full force at Purrazzo. The two pull out all the stops to take one another down. All in all, it is Taya Valkyrie who gains the win, continuing her reign as AAA Reina de Reinas Champion.

At the end of the match, Purrazzo takes the championship and strikes Valkyrie across the face. Before questioning the next move, the lights go out and all the attention moves away from the ring.

Mia Yim returns to IMPACT!

Suddenly, a surprise return awaits Valkyrie and Purrazzo. Suddenly, The HBIC makes her return back to IMPACT! Wrestling. Welcome back, Mia Yim!

Tasha Steelz defeats Havok

Dealing with Decay, the reign of IMPACT! Knockouts World Champion Tasha Steelz takes a wild turn. After defeating Rosemary, Havok decides she wants her shot next. However, in this match, the championship is the last of Havok’s worries.

She wants to inflict pain on the champion well teaching her a lesson on the effects of dealing with Decay. All in all, Steelz retains her championship with no help and no interference from close partner Savannah Evans.

Be sure to check out our post-show on all of the matches from Under Siege available now.


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