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Is AEW Properly Building Stars Outside The Ring

Photo Credit | AEW

In recent years, All Elite Wrestling has become the talk of professional wrestling. More commonly, a few AEW stars have made their way outside the bubble. One of the biggest names that comes to mind is Jade Cargill.

From an undefeated streak to losing the TBS Championship, Jade Cargill remains the staple to many AEW fans. Recently, Jade Cargill has been on everyone's mind. After returning to AEW, social media can not stop talking about one of AEW's biggest stars to date.

Reports state that rumors are speculating a possible exit from AEW. In addition, rumors suggest that Jade Cargill could be heading to WWE. If true, this could be a heavy hit to AEW.

Her look alone would make someone stop and watch. Cargill has an undeniable presence. Even without a wrestling background, Cargill's booking allows her dominance to be displayed properly to a wider audience outside of wrestling. Homegrown talent can give the brand more prestige and help on the marketing side of things.

As the company continues to grow, building talent to star level is something a few fans deemed to be overlooked.

Is Jade Cargill the only star being built in AEW?

I would like to say no. Ricky Starks is definitely on the pathway to stardom. The look. The moves. More importantly, the charisma. Ricky Starks is becoming quite the household name. It is fair to say that Mr. Ricky is forming into something many can not deny. The star power oozes out of him with every promo and match.

From his recent feud with CM Punk and now Bryan Danielson, Starks is moving up the ranks.

Toni Storm may not be a homegrown AEW talent, however, her new character is bringing nothing but star power. In recent interviews, fans have gotten to see a different side of the former AEW Women's World Champion.

If given the opportunity, Toni Storm can easily become one of the biggest stars in company history. This character development keeps her relevant whether she is champion or in the championship picture. Her Marilyn Monroe-styled look and her attitude are starting to impress many outside fans. This is a character that can thrive and bring even more eyes to the brand.

Moving forward, Toni Storm gets another shot at the championship when she faces off with Saraya at AEW Grand Slam. I am curious to see how this feud will be played as she faces her former teammate. In addition, this is a valuable time to build up stars like Toni Strom and Saraya.

Now, I may be a bit biased with this next selection. However, to me, it is impossible to name outside stars of AEW and not name Dr. Britt Baker DMD. From her Penn State influence and being forefront of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dr. Britt Baker is the one. Dr. Britt Baker DMD is the total package and can carry the brand in any style. Baker is the one you want on your team that knows the meaning of public relations.

Outside of her booking, the presence she has on the mic is something anyone would pay attention to. Baker puts her city on her back and represents it in many ways, especially with her gear. Many may not like Dr. Britt Baker DMD but you can not deny her star status.

AEW is definitely building stars. With that being said, it takes time.

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