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Is It Time For Mercedes Moné To Find A Faction

Since leaving WWE, Mercedes Moné has become one of the most notable wrestlers in the world. After suffering a loss to Mayu Iwatani, Moné is far from over. She returns to the States on May 21 for Resurgence in Long Beach, California.

Companies like NJPW, STARDOM, and even AEW are the land of factions and many think a faction could benefit Moné moving forward. As we know, Moné is no stranger to being involved in factions. In WWE, Sasha Banks joins Team B.A.D. and is one-fourth of the four horsewomen.

Alongside the likes of Tamina, Naomi, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and long-time bestie Bayley, Sasha Banks and her krew were not the ones to miss with.

In addition, towards the end of her run, Banks works with former WWE Tag Team Champions, Carmelle and Zelina Vega. Obviously, this went no way. However, it displays that having Moné on your side is quite an advantage.

This week, many take to Twitter to express a few names for a possible Moné faction. On the top of that list is Trinity. Mercedes and Trinity continue to stay close and support one another in their future endeavors. Recently, fans got a chance to meet them at WrestleCon while a well-known independent twin duo sparked their attention.

Another top pick would be The Renegade Twins. Newly signed to AEW, The Renegade Twins have caught the eye of many, including the former IWGP Women’s Champion herself.

Do you think The Renegade Twins will be a good fit for this faction? Let us know what you think over on our Twitter @WWTalkpod.

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