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IYO SKY Crown Women's Champion At SummerSlam

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

IYO SKY wins big at SummerSlam!

Asuka was set to defend her WWE Women's Championship against "The EST" Bianca Belair and "The Queen" Charlotte Flair in an anticipated triple threat match at SummerSlam. Belair and Flair were the highlight of this feud amongst the three. The energy between those two superstars made a few people forget that the champion, Asuka, forgot she even existed.

All three of these women have experience winning championships. Flair entered the match with a SummerSlam record of 5-0 and is no stranger to Triple Threat matches. Belair is seeking revenge on Asuka, the person who ended her legendary 419-day championship reign. The task ahead of Asuka was undoubtedly challenging.

With numerous attempts at a double pin and a double submission, the match definitely had its moments. In the back half, Belair would go down and possibly be out due to her preference for her knee. Belair fell to the steel steps after Flair had lifted her over the top rope. Medical personnel arrived to try to help her to the back as she screamed in pain. Asuka and Flair were now left to battle it out alone.

The champion was being put in the Figure Eight by Flair as Belair struggled to make it very far up the ramp before stumbling back to the ring. To break up the submission, Belair would climb to the top and deliver a 450 splash onto Flair. Belair would eventually seize her chance after Asuka doused Flair with the blue mist, enabling the EST to roll up Asuka to become the new WWE Women's Champion.

However, as short as her celebration, Belair's championship reign would come to haute. IYO SKY music hits as she and Bayley dash down the ramp hitting Flair and Asuka with the briefcase. Then Belair's already hurt knee was struck with the briefcase as soon as they made their way inside the ring.

As she reached the top, SKY informed the official that she was cashing out. SKY would pin Belair after performing the Over the Moonsault to win the match. As Dakota Kai entered the ring with the other Damage CTRL members, the celebration started. This denotes a member's first year as a faction and their first year of holding singles gold.

Earlier that evening, there had been rumors that Kairi Sane had re-signed with WWE. Despite rumors to the contrary, she did not appear at SummerSlam regardless of her alleged "imminent" return. On commentary, Michael Cole may have made a hint about it when he said that SKY had come all the way from STARDOM to become the current WWE Women's Champion.

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