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Jacqueline: One Of The Most Fearsome Female Wrestler In History

When Jacqueline Moore appeared on stage, she was an intimidating force to be reckoned with despite her little size. On her way to becoming one of the greatest Black women wrestlers ever, Jacqueline made her professional wrestling debut in 1988.

Skandor Akbar, the wrestling manager, introduced Jackie to the sport of wrestling. His school in Dallas is where she began her training. When she made her debut in World Class Championship Wrestling as “Sweet Georgia Brown” (WCCW). Fritz Von Erich owns the promotion. Jackie also competed in the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association and the Women’s Pro Wrestling organizations, both of which featured only female wrestlers. Combat Toyoda and Megumi Kudo were two of the other wrestlers she faced in Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (FMW).

In the United States Wrestling Association, Jackie was crowned “Miss Texas”. After winning the competition in 1992, she became the first-ever USWA Women’s Champion. “Sweet Georgia Brown” and “Miss Texas” were the two names she would go on to hold 14 times each. The first woman to be included in PPWI 500 at this period.

After WCW, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, TNA, and the WWF/WWE, Jackie will go on to other promotions. Her WWE career peaked in 1998 when she appeared in a number of major events. In 1998, she became the first black woman to win the WWE Women’s Championship. Aside from the Pretty Mean Sisters, Jackie was involved in a number of storylines at the show. She would go on to win the women’s title a third time, compete for the lightweight title (which she lost), and be the only holder of the WWE cruiserweight championship. This year, Jackie will be enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame.

As the first black woman to achieve greatness in wrestling, Jackie is deserving of the roses she has been given.


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