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Jade Cargill Looks Back On Her First Year With AEW

Jade Cargill reminisces on her first anniversary in AEW, including working with Shaq and her rivalry with Red Velvet. Cargill spoke with PWInsider about her first year in AEW and her anniversary segment on Rampage.

“I am blessed. I am blessed that they believe in me and what I stand for. My first match was not until March; however, working for such a prestigious company has been a thrill. Mark deserved that cake. If you looked at that cake, you would know that Mark deserved to get that cake in his face. However, you know what? Red Velvet has it coming to her Tonight. I mean, she cannot do my lawyer like that. We are a team. I would never let anybody disrespect anybody on my team. She did exactly that, and she thinks she will get away with it. Tonight, I look forward to facing her. As I said, she is a little firecracker, and let us see what happens.”

Cargill continues to recall working with former LA Lakers Shaq in her first match on Dynamite.

“It was such a pleasure. It is not talked about enough but working with Shaquille O’Neal was a total pleasure. He is such a professional. I remember before going out joking with him. I said, “Do not embarrass me.” Just joking. “Do not embarrass me. This is my world.” He looked at me in a somber tone, and he said, “Do not embarrass you? This is my world. This is what I do. I am a character. This is what I do. You are in my world.” He was earnest when he said that. You know what? I woke up right then and there. I had a few nerves in me because this was my first match. Many people expected a lot out of it. I said, “You know what? He is correct. I am about to be in the ring with two legends. I have to kill this. I have to kill this. I have to kill all the naysayers. I have to go out there and perform my butt off and show people that I am here and I have arrived.” It was fun. He was a very hard-working man. He came to the school to work on stuff: just a great guy, an all-around guy. I do not think I have heard anything negative about him. So, it was a great pleasure to work with him. Hard-working man.”

Cargill shared what fans can expect from her match with Red Velvet Tonight on Rampage.

“Well, as we know, Red Velvet is a little firecracker. She is hot. She is feisty. I expect her to come in ready to throw everything, the whole table at me. This is her third time facing me, so I think she has the tools to know what to do when it comes to this match. However, I am going to use my strength. I am going to use my composure. I mean, I am Jade Cargill. I am not worried about anybody. So, I am expected to win this match, as everybody knows. Everybody knows I am going to win this match. This is just a phase that I have to go through to get to this championship. Next is between Jamie and Thunder, and whomever next is for the championship. I am just excited.”

With a full year into being on AEW’s roster, Cargill talks about working with Serena Deeb and Thunder Rosa in a one-on-one match.

“It is two people. Serena [Deeb]. Serena is a professional in that range. She is a professor. She is amazing. I think if anybody thinks anything less than that, they are crazy. I cannot wait to get my one-on-one with Thunder. I am excited to get that one-on-one with Thunder. I believe we can make magic in the ring. She is a great opponent. She is gritty. I am a gritty player as well. So those two people in the ring I cannot wait to face.”

Many people do not know about Jade’s degree in psychology, and she describes how her degree has helped her mentally as a wrestler.

“Oh my gosh, it has helped me tremendously. People do not understand the things that we go through as far as being a wrestler and just being able to have our composure and deal with the outside noise and the inside noise that we will be dealing with. Wrestling, of course, is physical, but as well as mental and being able to fight through all these body aches and fight through the critics and be able to go out there and prove yourself and block everybody out to focus. It has helped me a lot regarding body language. It has helped me to read people. It has helped me understand that I know who I am, and I will not let anybody outside of me tell me who I am and what I stand for. I see many people in wrestling. They let people outside of themselves determine who they are. They let all their hard work and years of grinding be where they are squandered in an interview or a magazine or an opinion of somebody else. Me being a mental professional, I do not let these things affect me. I could care less about how people feel about me because I know who I am, what I stand for, and my goals in this profession. So, it has helped me in many ways. It has helped me with my coworkers and me talking to them and making them feel great about themselves. Because one thing I know for sure is we are not always going to be at 100. Sorry, things happen in a match. Things happen in a match, and you have to be able to pick your face off the ground and keep it moving. If you know yourself and you are mentally stable, you will be fine.”

Will Jade Cargill advance to the next round of the TBS Championship tournament?


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