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Katana Chance and Kayden Carter Prepared For Main Roster Debut

Following their selection to the RAW brand from NXT in this year’s WWE Draft, Kayden Carter and Katana Chance are getting ready to make their main roster debuts.

The former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, who have been together since the pandemic era, spoke on Busted Open Radio about their objectives for the main roster.

“We try to stay level-headed. We know what we are capable of and whatever position they want to put us in. We’ve had long matches, banger matches on NXT. We’ve had short matches and we do the best we can with it. It is a very different system, and we love what we’ve done so far. In my mind, we want to stay level. We’ll fight for whatever opportunities we can. Whatever opportunities we do get, we’ll make the best of them. In the same way, connect with the people there and the fans. Some are the same, but it’s different, it’s bigger, being in different cities. Just doing what we know we’re capable of, stay level,” said Katana Chance.

Kayden Carter added saying:

“I just love wrestling. I sat at NXT for a year before I got to wrestling school and I watched Sasha (Banks), Charlotte (Flair), and Becky (Lynch) start at the bottom before they would be called stars. I got to sit there and be like, ‘I want to do this.’ I’ve watched my journey be the same. We weren’t part of the women’s evolution because we were just getting there. When we combined our skills, I think we were trying to create a different type of evolution because we didn’t get to contribute in a way that I love wrestling and want to be part of everything.

Going to the main roster, I want the world to see what we’re capable of and know that it exists. Know that we came from a similar journey because we watched us grow from the bottom to now in the ring and we want to create history. I want to go up there and kill it with everyone and make magic with everyone so people are like, ‘they’re making their own legacy and evolution and contributing.'”

The former American Ninja Warrior competitor closed by saying the following, “Our evolution is to show them…their evolution was that we can keep up with the guys and surpass the guys and [fans are] not walking away when the women come on. For us, we’re trying to do that with tag team wrestling, especially with the women and the moves we do. She’ll come to me with an idea, ‘we need to do this. I’ve only seen one random guy do this. We need to do it, make it better, as women, as a team.’ Always lifting that bar.” Also in the interview they mentioned that they were pretty sure that they wouldn’t get drafted.

It is currently unknown when they will make their WWE television main roster debut.


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