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KiLynn King Signs With IMPACT Wrestling

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

KiLynn King confirms signing a contract with IMPACT Wrestling.

King previously competed with IMPACT in December, and last week she made a surprise comeback alongside Taylor Wilde. On March 16, the newly formed team, known as The Coven, will compete in the Knockouts World Tag Team Championship.

It’s official..✍🏼@IMPACTWRESTLING — KiLynn King (@KiLynnKing) March 15, 2023

King revealed that she has actually agreed to work with IMPACT on Steve Fall’s Ten Count. King has worked extensively on independent projects and was a pillar of AEW during the pandemic, primarily on Dark but also making appearances on Dynamite in matches against Toni Storm and Britt Baker. She has worked with NWA as well.

WWT welcomes The King to IMPACT!’s Knockout Division!


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