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#KnockoutSpotlight | Gail Kim

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

When people ask who is the greatest Knockout of all time, many would say Gail Kim. She is a trailblazer in the division and in women’s wrestling as a whole. Kim continues to push the mold of women’s wrestling today while leaving a legacy of hope in the division.

In addition, her work in TNA!/IMPACT! Wrestling makes her one of the most dominating Knockouts of all time. She becomes Knockout of the Year in 2007 and the first ever Queen of the Knockouts in 2013. In 2012, she is the number one female wrestler in the world according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

The Knockout to conquer

To no surprise, just about every Knockout has gotten into the ring with Kim. Over the years, her feud with Awesome Kong is a history lesson to many, captivating the true essence of women’s wrestling. Getting a win over someone like Gail Kim is like winning a championship match.

Many would state that she is the one to beat. In addition, those same people will say that Gail Kim is the greatest Knockouts World Champion of all time, with a total of seven reigns. In 2016, Gail Kim is the first woman to be inducted into the IMPACT! Hall of Fame.

Gail Kim’s continuous contributions

Even today, she helps so many of the Knockouts, working behind the scenes to ensure that women stay at the forefront. Her vision is shown today, helping make even more changes and first within the Knockouts division.

Before Slammiversary, Kim speaks with WrestleZone Managing Editor, Bill Pritchard. She opens up about the opportunities for women in wrestling today.

“I feel like nowadays it’s much easier. You see a roster of almost 20 women right now in our company and everyone being utilized because everyone’s great, everyone has a valued position within the company.”

She speaks to us as well, giving high recommendations on the current state of the Knockouts locker room and its future.

We’re very fortunate because we’ve built up this reputation as being a company that cares about women’s wrestling consistently. I get a lot of inquiries about women wanting to be a part of this roster. So I feel very fortunate that a lot of women are reaching out and they recognize that we care about them.”

Today, our Knockout Spotlight goes to Gail Kim. Here at Women’s Wrestling Talk, we want to thank Gail Kim for all of her contributions to women’s wrestling in and out of the ring.


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