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Kris Statlander Undergoes Knee Surgery

In a recent episode of Dynamite and confirmed by a tweet, it was reported that Kris Statlander needed surgery. Statlander said in a previous post that she would be back “bigger” and “powerful,” and today she took the next step in that direction.

Statlander disclosed on Twitter that she had successful knee surgery with two images, and she had some fun with the bad circumstance in two distinct postings.

She is seen in the first image pointing at the camera while in the hospital, and Statlander writes the caption, “I must’ve been thinking of you when I got injured, because you make my knees weak. Xoxo.”

I must’ve been thinking of you when I got injured, because you make my knees weak. Xoxo — Kris Statlander (@callmekrisstat) September 7, 2022

Another post by Caleb Konley features a photo of Statlander in bed making a peace sign, with Konley saying, “Coming this fall @callmekrisstat stars in ACL surgery 2, return of the meniscus”. Both posts can be seen below. Statlander addressed the injuries on the August 16 episode of the AEW Road to series, in which she estimated a six- to eight-week recuperation period.

Coming this fall@callmekrisstat stars in ACL surgery 2, return of the meniscus — Caleb Konley (@CalebKonley) September 7, 2022

“Last week, we shot a live rampage in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I did a massive boot, which I rarely do. When I fell, my foot and knee buckled “Says Statlander. “ACL torn after MRI. My lateral meniscus is destroyed, and I have tibial and femoral impaction fractures. Tiny cracks, more of a bruise, but nevertheless a broken leg.”

“Recovery takes six to eight months,” Statlander said. “We hoped the MRI showed a meniscus tear. Few weeks to three months, at most. The ACL tear is the one you don’t want, kids. Don’t tear your ACL if you want to blow up your knees. So, 6-8 months. If I do what I need to, maybe six.”

“This isn’t new. Returning stronger, bigger, more global I’ll do it again since I fell twice and get up three times. So, I’m being upbeat and making jokes. Only way to survive… I hope to sense the crowd’s excitement when I return. Thanks for your support.”

We hope Kris Statlander a swift recovery and look forward to seeing her return to the ring stronger than ever.

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