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Latest Update On AJ Lee In-Ring Return

AJ On March 30, 2015, an edition of “WWE Raw” featured a six-woman tag team match. This was the last time AJ Lee, now known as AJ Mendez, competed in a professional wrestling bout. Fans have been waiting for her to emerge from retirement ever since, and CM Punk’s return has simply added fuel to the fire. She confessed to “MMA Uncaged” that “there are definitely a lot of people trying to get me to do stuff.”

Mendez is functioning as an Executive Producer and member of the commentary crew for Women Of Wrestling, where viewers may observe her involvement in the wrestling industry. It demonstrates that the former Divas Champion is at least interested in returning to wrestling.

“Look, I enjoy training, all forms of training so I have absolutely gone to train,” Mendez remarked. “We will, however, take our time to iron out all of the wrestling’s kinks and nuances. One step at a time, we will begin with WOW, beginning with commentating and producing.”

Fans are excited to see Mendez return to the show on September 17. Mendez was a popular WWE Superstar throughout her 295-day Divas Championship reign. AJ Mendez recently revealed that a neck injury near the end of her career may preclude her from playing again.


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