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Let The Wrestling War Begin!

Wrestling fans were in for a treat a week ago as we had not one, but two jam-packed events to sink our teeth into. Both promise amazing announcements and for the first 30 minutes to be commercial-free.

Such a dilemma to be in. A dilemma that 90s kids know all about during the Monday Night Wars.

Especially when you don’t know which show to tune into first.

NXT and AEW were certainly neck and neck with viewership last night. NXT was able to lock in 921,000 viewers while AEW Dynamite brought in 609,000.

There certainly were must-see moments from both promotions.

A great night for wrestling fans in general and whether you are a diehard WWE or AEW fan, you must admit that we are living in a great era for wrestling. Let’s take a look at last night's action.

NXT has been bringing some dream matches and stand-out rookies on their roster to the forefront over the past few weeks.

However, this jam-packed, star-studded night, has wrestlers from all of the WWE brands and some amazing matches including the women’s roster.

This women’s match starts in such an exciting way. With Shotzi coming out on her tank to be on commentary during this match. Shotzi also announces that she will be hosting Halloween Havoc. The in-ring action is really fast-paced and Roxanne has to keep up with Asuka. Roxanne starts to make a comeback and even makes a dive out to Asuka to turn things around for herself. But several backhand fists and kicks take out the former NXT champion Perez. The crowd chants welcome back to Asuka as she disappears into the night.

Dani Palmer vs Lola Vice

In this quarterfinal match for the women’s breakout tournament, we see Lola Vice and Dani Palmer compete. Both women come into this match confident as they lock up and try to feel each other out. Dani Palmer is the first to get a submission in, but Lola quickly recovers. These ladies are quick as lighting as they counter each other's holds and kicks it’s really hard to tell who will get the win. After pulling off a crossbody from the top rope, Palmer gets the upper hand. Palmer gets a bit cocky and Lola delivers a brutal kick to the side of Palmer’s head to get the win. Lola advances in the tournament.

Jade Cargill’s first NXT appearance

Reminiscent of the '90s Attitude Era, when a mysterious limousine would pull up, we see this same thing, when a mysterious car pulls up halfway into this week’s episode of NXT. Who comes out? None other than Jade. Draped in an all-pink attire, with superstar written all over her. As Shawn Michaels greets her. Jade Cargill is getting the five-star treatment from all brands in WWE.

On a special edition of AEW Dynamite, on a Tuesday for that matter, we see a jam-packed card and some great moments for women on this episode.

Timeless Toni Storm Lover’s Lament Segment

We start out with Act 1, as viewers we can only assume that the timeless star is preparing for a scene in her dressing room. You feel that they are in a time machine as it looks like she is preparing for a silent film in this segment and is on a wild goose chase that's filled with action and twists and turns.

In Act 2 of Toni Storm, we see a glittery Toni Storm getting ready for a different kind of scene. As she is giving the camera her sexiest, most flirtatious looks.

Then she seems to be shooing away this invisible man, dismissing his advances.

Then she’s back to flirting and even crawling on the table to get closer and whisper I love you to the camera.

She is told that she is needed on set and scrambles to gather her belongings.

Toni is diving deeper and deeper into this timeless starlet role and we can’t help to enjoy watching.

Saraya vs Hikaru Shida

This women’s heavyweight title match is definitely worthy of being on this title Tuesday episode. Shida took out Ruby Riot two weeks ago to get this title shot. Saraya comes out as the reigning and defending champion who doesn’t doubt for a minute, that she will have to part with that title. Saraya starts this match by calling Hikaru a loser, but it doesn’t affect Shida in the least bit. Shida throws some blows that ignite Saraya to return the favour with punches that should take anyone out. However, Shida isn’t just any competitor, she still has a champion spirit. Saraya throws a fit and takes a break at ringside. Maybe second-guessing belittling the former champ Shida. A masked person comes out to attack Shida, but Shida removes the mask to reveal Ruby underneath. Shida uses the spray that Ruby is on her instead and in an interesting turn of events, Toni Storm comes out and attacks and even chases Ruby out of the arena. This chaos at ringside doesn’t phase Saraya. She actually gets the upper hand. Rapid fire knees, taunting the fans, ripping signs and skipping around the ring by Saraya causes the fans to root for Shida. Hikaru gets her mojo back and takes it to Saraya, even delivering an effective missile drop from the top rope and a German suplex off of the apron. Saraya favours her neck, which we know was once badly injured. Saraya is still in the game though and plants Shida right on the top of her crown with a powerbomb. Even reverting to cheating by using the spray brought to ringside by Ruby behind the ref's back to get the win. It doesn’t give the champ the win. To everyone’s surprise. The falcon arrow from Shida, a pull-up pin from Saraya, and then a reverse pull-up pin from Shida helps her to get the win and become the new AEW women’s heavyweight champion. The look of pure shock on Saraya’s face is priceless. Hikaru Shida is now a three-time champ.

Which Promotion Did You Watch First?

  • AEW

  • WWE


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