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Maria Kanellis Announces First Participant For WWA Inaugural Event

Maria Kanellis will establish her own promotion, Women’s Wrestling Army, on May 1st, as previously announced.

Trish Adora will be the event’s first participant, Kanellis confirmed on social media. Adora has previously worked with Maria in ROH, where she competed in the first ROH Women’s World Championship last summer. She would advance to the semi-finals before falling to Miranda Alize in the final. Adora may not have won the ROH championship, but she is the first Pan-African World Diaspora Wrestling Champion. She has defended her championship against Janai Kai, Mazzerati, Jordan Blade, and most recently MJ Jenkins. At this moment, Adora does not have an opponent.

Kanellis Bennett recently talked with AEW CEO and President Tony Khan about re-partnering with ROH after a pause. She admits that she has talked with Khan regarding the possibility of future collaboration.

During an interview with James Lascuola of PW Ponderings, Maria stated “There has been some communication of trying to figure out a way…. he has reached out to me and now we’re just trying to find a time to get on the phone and discuss things further. I’m hopeful that happens soon. I’m thankful and appreciative that he even reached out to me because I love Ring of Honor. A piece of my soul might have died a little bit when I was released from the company last year because last year was so fulfilling and I loved working with that division. I’m hopeful that we do find a time to communicate, and a lot of our friends are trying to make sure we get in touch. I will keep everybody posted as things come into play.”

Kanellis added, “One of the things I said with people who have been in touch with Tony is that I’m not looking to come in and run things or anything like that. I would love the opportunity to come in, grow, learn as Ring of Honor grows into what it becomes in the future. I had a special position last year and I’m so glad that all the women in wrestling were able to see me in that position because now they know that there is another way to be involved in wrestling, maybe when you’re too banged up or you want to transition from being in front of the camera to behind the camera. For that, I’m forever thankful to Joe Koff and Delirious and everyone at Ring of Honor.

I realize that there is some training and getting used to how other people do things. Not just Tony Khan, but production in general. Every company runs differently. My interests range from backstage production to writing to HR and talent management. I did all of them last year. We’ll see what comes of it. I’m hopeful and excited.”

Prior to ROH’s sabbatical at the end of 2021, Maria was instrumental in helping the company restore its women’s division.

What’s Next?!? — MariaKanellisBennett (@MariaLKanellis) April 14, 2022


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