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Marina Shafir Says Bring On The Competition

Marina Shafir recently sits down with Renee Paquette, discussing her time in AEW. In addition, Marina Shafir names a few women on the roster she wants to get into the ring with.

Struggles during her time

“For me personally, just having to have dealt with some struggles these last few months, I just haven’t really been happy with… I just know there’s more to me, and I’m not doing myself any service. The reason I had that was because I was so happy. I was happy at home, and I was happy with myself. I know I worked hard, and I had nothing. I gotta remind myself every day that I have nothing to fucking lose. I refuse to sell out. I refuse to fucking give someone something I know I don’t have. Humble me. I’m ready. That’s the only way you’re gonna get that respect. When I approach this stuff, I just really wanna work with people, really bad.”

Her next opponents

“Serena (Deeb), easy. Mercedes (Martinez), easy. Athena, holy shit, we’d beat the shit out of each other. Gimme Britt (Baker). Gimme Jamie (Hayter). No, fuck that. Give me Kiera (Hogan), give me Diamanté, give me all the girls that are also in that bubble, who wanna break that ceiling. I want all those girls because everybody has something to offer, not just one fucking person. For the women, I feel like once we get back to understanding how to seriously lean on each other and trust, it’s just gonna be what it is.”

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