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Mella is Mommy: Carmella & Corey Graves Are Expecting!

Carmella and her husband Corey Graves are expecting their first child.

The WWE star revealed her exciting news of being pregnant to “Good Morning America” on Monday in an exclusive interview.

“It’s just all been such a whirlwind,” she expressed. “I think because of my past, it was hard to get excited off the bat about this one, but I was cautiously optimistic. I try to have a good mindset, a positive mindset this time around, and it’s working. So I’m very happy about that.”

In September and October of last year, 35-year-old Carmella, whose real name is Leah Van Dale, had two miscarriages. Though she is due in November, she claimed that this pregnancy has “been really good” thus far. However, she continued, her morning sickness “has been crazy.”

“I’ve been nauseous. I’ve been so tired, more tired than I’ve ever been in my life. But I’ve never been so happy to feel so awful. I’ve been great, I mean mentally. It’s kind of this weird space where I’m excited, but also just a little apprehensive because of the miscarriages. It’s unfortunate that it robs you of the true excitement that should be there … I mean, I took [additional pregnancy tests] for weeks just to make sure they still said positively. So it’s really just been such mind work to get my head around. But the fact that I’m here, I’m on the other side of it, I’m almost out of the first trimester at this point … it’s been quite a journey.”

Mella is Mommy 🥹🤍 — Mella Is Money 🤑 (@CarmellaWWE) May 1, 2023

Carmella keeps talking about the losses she and Graves endured last year even as she continues on that journey. She discussed her desire to help end the shame that women and couples experience when they experience miscarriages in her interview with GMA.

“It happens to a lot of women, and all you can do is be in it and go through it. Don’t push it down. You have to feel the feelings you have to feel … otherwise it’s just going to be this thing you keep stuffing down that eventually will just explode.”

She gives special credit to Graves for being there for her as she processed and went through the traumatic portions of that journey. She gained perspective as a result of her time away from WWE.

“I think I’ve just focused so much on my career in the last 10 years that it made me forget the importance of life, and made me forget what truly matters. And at the end of the day, that’s family … that time afforded me more quality time with my family, with my stepchildren. I got the opportunity to get to know them on a level that I never knew them before.”

WWT congratulates Carmella and Corey on their pregnancy!


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