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Mercedes Moné Talks IWGP Women’s Championship Win

Mercedes Moné surprise appearance in New Japan Pro-Wrestling at Wrestle Kingdom 17. She attacked KAIRI and challenged her for the IWGP Women’s Champion. At Battle in the Valley, she defeated KAIRI to become the second titleholder.

TMZ Sports interviewed Moné about how much her February 18 win meant to her.

“That day was so insane. But for it to be in San Jose, just an hour and a half away from where I was born in Fairfield, California. I had my friends and my family there. Legit — my blood family and my family in wrestling was there to support me. It was a moment that I’m always going to remember. It’s probably my second favorite moment of my career thus far and that’s saying a lot because I’ve done so much in professional wrestling. But that day was so incredible.” (h/t Wrestling Observer)

Moné also named some of her other favorite matches, including her NXT Takeover match with Damage CTRL leader Bayley.

“I really loved myself vs. Alexa Bliss in Abu Dhabi, that meant so much to me. Then I would have [to] say myself vs. Bayley at Hell in a Cell during the pandemic, I still see clips of that match and I can’t believe we had such an incredible match without fans.” (h/t Wrestling Observer)

Moné mentioned some of her upcoming goals for the future and discussed who her next possible opponent could be.

“Besides taking it on carpets, autograph signings, all over the world, I’m going to see what little promotions I can pop up to. I know next on my plate is April 8 in Tokyo, Japan for Sakura Genesis. I have a girl named AZM calling me out, so I’ve been putting the offer on the table of who is next on the list, I want to see who is ready for Mercedes Moné because I turn down to nobody. I’m always here for the check, I’m always here for the bag. Whoever has the biggest bag is where I’m going to go.” (h/t Fightful)


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