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Mickie James Responds To Deonna Purrazzo

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

As she gears up for her match at Hard To Kill, Mickie James sits down with The Salt Shakkas, Driune Santana and Nickie Booshie. They discuss her time in IMPACT! Wrestling and preparations for her match with Jordynne Grace this Friday. In addition, James responds to a message Deonna Purrazzo had in her latest interview with WWT.

Mickie James’ message to Deonna Purrazzo

“I don’t think that I can do whatever I want. Clearly, I’ve not been able to do whatever I want. 

Furthermore, she continues, “If I wanted to do whatever I wanted, why didn’t I just go to Scott and say, ‘Hey, Scott, I’d really like a Knockouts World Championship match. I feel like I’m Mickie James I deserve it.’ No, I wanted to work my way back up the roster and I wanted to face everyone on that roster and earn my shot at the championship, like every single woman on that roster, would do. 

In addition, she says she wants to prove it to those women in the locker room that I can still hang with every single one of them and I can still kick their ass, including Deonna who I’ve kicked her ass not once, not twice, but ‘thrice'”

Nevertheless, Mickie James steps into the ring with Jordynne Grace this Friday at Hard To Kill. Before then, be sure to check out the full interview with Mickie James available now.


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