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Multiverse United II: Who Will Accept Deonna Purrazzo's Challenge?

On August 20, 2023, Multiverse United II will be taking place at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania featuring talents from both Impact! and New Japan Pro Wrestling in a major crossover event. Among the most recent news on the pay-per-view, former Knockouts champion Deonna Purrazzo issued an open challenge to members of Stardom, NJPW’s all-female sister promotion. Speculation has since ensued about the wrestler who will face Purrazzo at this rapidly approaching PPV event.

Stardom has no shortage of talented women ready to prove themselves as the top women’s wrestlers in the world. A plethora of names have been thrown out by fans, all of which seem formidable opponents for any open challenge— but who will step up? Below is a rundown of several possible Joshi at Multiverse that are sure to put on a show.


Four-time Artist of Stardom Champion, two-time Goddess of Stardom Champion, and one-time High-Speed Champion. Hazuki made her return to wrestling a few years ago and has once again proved herself as one of the most entertaining wrestlers on the Stardom roster. Known primarily for her technical style and quickness on her feet, Hazuki is a highly experienced opponent at only twenty-five years old, with a pension for sentons that leave a wake of destruction in her path.


One-time SWA World Champion, Artist of Stardom Champion, Goddess of Stardom Champion, and World of Stardom Champion. Syuri’s deadly passion for obliterating opponents immediately puts her in the running for one of the best wrestlers in the world. Using a combination of MMA-style strikes and painful submissions, she can take down anyone she pleases— and has.


Three-time Artist of Stardom Champion and two-time High-Speed Champion. AZM’s submission specialty immediately places her at odds with Purrazzo, but her youth, speed, and spirit separate her from the pack. The Queen’s Quest icon elevates every single match she’s in with precise attacks and relentless pursuit. Known for incredible matches with Starlight Kid, AZM has been training for wrestling nearly all her life, making her an intelligent, capable wrestler already climbing to major heights in the industry at a very young age.


Two-time Artists of Stardom Champion, one-time Goddess of Stardom Champion, Wonder of Stardom Champion, and World of Stardom Champion. Current NJPW Strong Women’s Champion. During her time in Stardom and in Donna del Mondo, Giulia has developed a love for breaking her opponents in any possible way she can. One of Stardom’s most physical competitors, her most prominent work can be seen clearly in her matches against Cosmic Angel’s Tam Nakano, her longtime rival and greatest foe. The DDM leader is sure to bring the fight to anyone and everyone who gives her the opportunity, making her uniquely unafraid and unflinching of any challenge.

Suzu Suzuki

One-time Artist of Stardom Champion. Known as the “Violent Prodigy,” Suzuki is known for her ruthless in-ring style and vicious tendency for destruction. A freelancer known for her work in Ice Ribbon, Suzuki has proved a serious threat at every level after taking over Stardom with the formidable faction Prominence. At just twenty years old, Suzuki puts opponents through a personal hell, regardless of their age, experience, or attitude.


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