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Nicole Savoy Retiring from Wrestling

Nicole Savoy, the longest reigning SHIMMER champion, announced that she is hanging up her wrestling boots. After her final match at Hoodslam’s Mutagenesis event over the weekend, she made this announcement. Savoy and Dark Sheik faced Brittany Wonder and Juice Lee in a tag team match. In 2011, Savoy began her professional career.

As a professional wrestler, Savoy has appeared in promotions such as SHIMMER, MLW, and ROH. Additionally, she appeared in the first Women’s Wrestling Army Show and will compete in AEW’s Deadly Draw tournament for the promotion in 2020. Wrestling in the 2017 WWE May Young Classic was her earlier experience.

After the Hoodslam show, Savoy tweeted:

“Tonight was so much fun!!!! Thank you @HOODSLAM @darksheikftf @BrittanyWonder @MichaelHayashi for tonight!!! And no sadness! Here’s a pic of my pup for everyone!!!! Thank you for making my wrestling journey awesome! ❤️”

Savoy is a well-decorated indie veteran who has titles under her name such as:

  1. Alternative Wrestling Show Women’s Championship (1 time)

  2. Pro Wrestling Revolution World Women’s Championship (1 time, current)

  3. SHIMMER Heart of Shimmer Championship (1 time)

  4. Shimmer Championship (1 time)

We here at Women’s Wrestling Talk wish Nicole the very best as she moves on from wrestling. Although we are sad to see her go, we know that she will continue to do great things!

*Information from Diva Dirt*

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