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NWA World Women’s Champion Answers Questions On Her Instagram Story

In my opinion, Kamille is one of the most underrated world champions in wrestling. As the current NWA World Women’s Champion, recently she retains her championship against the likes of Taya Valkyrie, Chelsea Green, and KiLynn King. In addition, this year alone, Kamille continues her reign of dominance in other promotions such as XPW and AAA.

Earlier today, she takes to Instagram to answer a few questions from her fans. Let us get to know The Brickhouse a little more!

Q: Did you enjoy Mexico?

Yes!!! The fans there are fun!

Q: How much do you bench?

It’s been like two years  since I benched but it was 185

Q: What is something you would tell 16 year old you?

That life is a wild ride so hold on tight and don’t cry over boys

Q: How many years have you been wrestling for your career?

Started training in 2016, [and] it’s been my job since 2018 but it was just a second, started consistently wrestling in 2021

Q: Best advice you ever got in the pro wrestling world

That I may be too nice for this industry, so after that I just kept to myself and I’m very detached from the world of wrestling, realizing it’s very important to separate the wrestling world from the real world

Q: Your height?


Q: Will you be in WWE?  

Never say never 

Would you like to see Kamille in WWE? Tell us what you think over on our Twitter @WWTalkPod and give us your favorite Kamille match!


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