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NXT 2. 0 – August 16

Our first women’s segment for NXT Heatwave is when Toxic Attraction arrives to the arena, they come face to face with Bron Breakker. Mandy says, “I guess we’ll see who leaves with their title after tonight.” As Bron leaves, all three members are checking him out on his way in the arena.

"I guess we'll see who leaves with their title…" 👀#WWENXT #NXTHeatwave @WWE_MandyRose @bronbreakkerwwe @gigidolin_wwe @jacyjaynewwe — WWE (@WWE) August 17, 2022

Roxanne Interview

Roxanne is being interviewed by McKenzie, “I never thought I would be standing across the ring from my best friend. But Cora wanted this. Cora ended our friendship, and now she has nowhere to hide. She made her bed, now she haas to lay in it.”

Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark Backstage

Zoey is getting warmed up, Nikkita enter the locker room to encourage her.

.@roxanne_wwe wasting no time getting her hands on @CoraJadeWWE! #WWENXT #NXTHeatwave — WWE (@WWE) August 17, 2022

Cora Jade vs. Roxanne Perez

Roxanne runs to the ring, Cora stands waiting for her. Roxanne lands on top of Cora, forcing Cora’s head to hit the mat several times, Roxanne stands tall, and Cora is able to escape. Roxanne hits the ropes for a dive near the commentary table, Cora catches her. Roxanne takes Cora inside the ring, Cora runs away, Perez hits the ropes again, she’s diving outside, taking Cora down and dragging her inside the ring again then going for a pin attempt.

She drags Cora to the ropes, but Cora clings on and smacks Roxanne. Jade changes, has Perez leaning on the ropes, and hits her with her forearm. She uses Perez’s arm to bounce off the ropes and flip her around again. Jade hits the ropes for a forearm shot to the back of Perez’s head and a pin attempt.

Cora bounces Roxanne’s head on the top turnbuckle, holds on to Roxanne’s head, landing another forearm shot to Roxanne’s face twice. She has Roxanne on the mat for another pin attempt. Cora attempts a suplex, Roxanne blocked it, Cora went for it again but Roxanne reversed it. Roxanne spins Cora for two uppercuts and throws her towards the ropes, when Cora is facing her, Roxanne throws her, over her head. Roxanne kicked her then hit the ropes for a dropkick to Cora.

WWE Photo

Roxanne is taking control, Cora is able to break it up, Roxanne is leaning on the bottom rope, Cora hits the ropes, Roxanne is able to throw her over her head, Jade landing on the apron, Perez is a double elbow to Jade’s face who stumbles outside.

Roxanne sets up another dive, Cora stops her momentum with an elbow to her face. Roxanne is hanging on the ropes, landing on the apron. Jade suplexes Perez on the outside in front of the commentary table.

WWE Photo

Jade has been in control of Perez, Jade elbowing Perez on the neck. Jade sets up a submission on Perez. Roxanne is able to reverse her positioning to break it up and kick Jade to create distance and attempts an inside cradle.

Jade kicked out but goes for a pin attempt herself, Perez reverses it for another pin attempt. Jade sweeps Perez off of her feet for a pin, Perez is able to bridge out of it. They’re holding each other then turn around to hit each other at the same time and a double kick, kicking each other at the same time. They trade shots in the middle of the ring until Jade kicks Perez in the abdomen.

WWE Photo

Jade throws Perez towards the ropes but she’s able to bounce back until she hits Jade with a double shot. Perez pushes Jade to one corner, runs to give her an uppercut, rolls around to do it again. She takes Jade to the center for a RamPaige tribute to Paige and a pin attempt. Perez does the RamPaige again with another cover, she holds Jade while she kicks her multiple times in her abdomen and sets up for her finisher but Jade escapes. Perez is by the ropes when Jade runs for a high kick to Perez’s face and a quick maneuver then a pin attempt.

Jade reaches for her kendo stick that’s by the steel steps, referee pleads with her to not use it. Jade swings but Perez ducks and Jade misses the shot. Perez kicks her, Jade drops the kendo stick, debating about using it. Perez is hesitant while she looks at the referee, Jade is able to attack Perez from behind. Cora goes for the finish, Perez lands on the kendo stick, she pins Perez and is victorious.

Welcome to the Generation of Jade#WWENXT #NXTHeatwave @CoraJadeWWE — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) August 17, 2022

WWE Photo

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point

Overall, I was hoping for more aggression in this match due to the storyline itself as I felt it happened more towards the end of the match. However, I think due to this being the first match they have against each other, perhaps Cora’s victory will fuel Roxanne’s fire and aggression when they meet next time.

.@WWE_MandyRose is READY 🔥🥀#WWENXT #NXTHeatwave @gigidolin_wwe @jacyjaynewwe — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) August 17, 2022

👀👀👀 Is that letter from who we think it's from??!?! … and what is @BDavenportWWE doing here 😮 #NXTHeatwave @indi_hartwell — WWE (@WWE) August 17, 2022

Kayden Carter, Katana Chance and Indi Hartwell Backstage

Ladies are chatting, Indi said she cried when they won because they are so deserving of the win, someone comes by to give Indi an envelope and the ladies leave her alone to read it. Indi opens it, it’s an Index drawing from Dexter himself. We see Blair Davenport pass by, grabbing the letter, Indi stops her and says, “Who do you think you are?” Blair responds, “I’m Blair Davenport, the future NXT Women’s Champion,” as she rips Dexter’s drawing and leaves.

Astrid’s Point

I loved seeing this segment because I was wondering if Dexter coming to RAW would mean he would be mentioned during NXT somehow and I have been a total fan of Index. I began to wonder if perhaps Indi will go to the main roster to reunite with Dexter herself. Then, having Blair Davenport’s appearance made me think of a NXT UK take over and who else would show up to NXT 2.0 soon. I can’t wait to see how Blair is mixed in with the current roster.

Tiffany Stratton/Wendy Choo Promo

We have a preview for Tiffany vs. Wendy, Choo says, “I’m tired. I’m tired of her talking down to me. I’m tired of her believing that she is better than me and I’m tired of her thinking that I’m a joke.” Choo says next week they’re having a Lights Out match and “everything I did, that’s all legal.” Tiffany says, “I’m obsessed with this Lights Out match because I can do whatever I want to Wendy Choo.” Stratton also says, “The arena is going to be darker than usual, so you won’t be able to see Wendy’s face as good which is perfect, but you won’t be able to my face as good which is tragic.”

Astrid’s Point

I am hoping this is truly the last match between them as I think they would benefit from a fresh rivalry here and it would be interesting to see how they do this Lights Out match next week.

Mandy Rose (with Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) vs. Zoey Stark – NXT Women’s Championship

Before the match begins, we get a QR code graphic on screen as we had seen leading up to Zoey’s return. The above image is shown then Zoey’s entrance starts before Mandy comes out, we get a video package from her reign and defenses so far leading up to this moment.

WWE Photo

Rose goes for a kick, Stark blocks it and punches her. Rose lands by the ropes, punches her again, Rose kicks Stark in the abdomen, Stark turns around to set up her finisher, Rose held on to Stark’s knee instead. Stark falls, Rose is holds on to the knee to hit it on the mat but Stark reverses it for a pin attempt.

They have a back and forth until Stark hits Rose with a forearm that takes her down. Rose goes outside, Stark does a baseball slide, Rose tackles her, Stark’s back hit the apron and Rose throws her over the commentary table.

WWE Photo

Rose grabs Stark’s knee to hit it on the table. During commercial, Gigi and Jacy got involved, they’re getting thrown out by the referee. Nikkita comes to take down the ladies, chasing them out of the arena, Mandy is focused on that, Stark is able to roll her up for a pin attempt.

WWE Photo

Rose turns around to chop block the back of Stark’s knee, Stark recovering while Mandy grabs the leg around to kick the back of the knee on several occasions. Zoey went for a kick, Rose blocked it and hit Zoey’s knee instead. Rose focusing on the previously injured knee, going for a single leg crab, Zoey is dragging herself to a bottom rope until Rose takes her to the center, Zoey kicks her to create distance, Rose lands on the outside.

Zoey knees Rose’s face, Zoey takes some separation, but Mandy drags her by the hair, Zoey elbows her. Zoey clotheslines her twice then hits the ropes for a low drop kick and pin attempt. Rose stands up, leans by the turnbuckle, Zoey elbows her twice then kicks her head. Zoey takes Rose down to kick the back of her head and a pin attempt. Zoey is recovering towards the bottom rope, Zoey runs towards Mandy, Rose kicks her and takes her down. Rose lifts Zoey and turns her inside out and goes for a cover.

.@WWE_MandyRose turns @ZoeyStarkWWE inside out!#NXTHeatwave #WWENXT — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) August 17, 2022

They trade shots in the middle of the ring, Zoey does her finisher but isn’t able to capitalize on the pin and Rose rolls out to avoid it. Zoey is exiting out to get Mandy, but she uses the ropes to hit Zoey’s knee. Stark’s knee is hanging on the rope, Mandy kicking it several times. The referee takes Rose back, but she returns to punch that knee.

WWE Photo

Rose begins to remove Zoey’s knee brace, the referee attempting to stop her. Rose attempts her finisher; Zoey stops her for a cover. Zoey attempts another cover, but Rose is able to kick her and cover her, shocking Rose.

Mandy retains when Rose puts on Zoey’s brace, finishes treating her knee, and covers her.

WWE Photo

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point

I really enjoyed their match; I wish they would have had more time though. I loved Mandy’s heel character focusing on Zoey’s previous injury and even using Zoey’s knee brace to do her finisher. Once I saw Gigi and Jacy accompanying Mandy, I wondered who would come to back up Zoey in this situation, once Nikkita arrived and both Gigi and Jacy left due to her appearance, I had hope Zoey would be victorious. After Mandy retained, I wondered who would be next to face her and who would be that person to take that championship from her.

NXT UK – Aug 18

WWE Photo

Amale vs. Nina Samuels

Ladies begin with a lock up until Amale does a head lock on Nina. Samuels tries to push Amale towards the ropes to break it up, but Amale still has it locked in. Samuels picks up Amale in an effort to break it up again, but Amale has it tight on her even when they land on the mat. Samuels reverses the submission into a pin, hoping to break it up but Amale kicks out. Amale then wraps Samuels’ hand around her leg for a roll up pin, when Samuels kicks out, she kicks Amale in the abdomen.

WWE Photo

Nina pushes Amale towards the turnbuckle, Amale avoids her by jumping and landing behind Samuels. Amale holds on to Samuels and connects the headlock again on Samuels. Nina begins to hit Amale’s back to get her to let go of the submission, Amale bounces off the ropes for a shoulder tackle. Amale hits the ropes, Samuels avoids her with a leapfrog, she stands there, and it gives Amale time to recover with a low drop kick.

WWE Photo

Amale drops kicks Samuels twice and drags her to the turnbuckle for a pin attempt. Samuels puts her foot on the bottom rope to make Amale break it up, then she backs Amale into the turnbuckle.

Amale turns to shoot Nina, but she hides behind the referee, who urges her to back off. Nina kicks Amale, knocks her down, and drags her to the middle rope. Samuels twisted Amale’s arms around the rope while she struck her back with her forearms, then ran at her and attempted a dropkick and pin.

Samuels bounces Amale’s face twice then sets for a submission, placing her knee to Amale’s back. Nina lifts Amale for a smash and pin attempt after Amale breaks Samuels’ submission.

WWE Photo

Samuels is trash talking Amale, holding on to Amale’s hand to pull her while she kicks Amale’s face. When she goes for another kick, Amale holds on to Nina’s boot, breaks away from Nina and begins to fight back. Samuels pushes her, Amale gets closer and Nina twirls Amale for a back breaker and pin attempt.

She brings Amale towards the middle rope, she’s leaning on it, Samuels is stretching Amale’s mouth, the referee warns Nina with the five counts, she takes a step back and returns to stretch Amale, pulling her arms back while she pressures Amale’s back with her boot.

WWE Photo

The referee stops Samuels due to the five counts, she steps back and comes back with a dropkick, but Amale had moved out of the way. They have a back and forth in the middle of the ring until Amale takes Nina down. Amale does two double forearm shots to Nina then takes Nina’s arm to push her towards the turnbuckle to clothesline Nina then going for a bulldog and a cover.

WWE Photo

Amale has her hands wrapped around Nina until she fights back, Amale landing on the middle rope. Samuels gets closer to Amale, but Amale hits her with an elbow to the face. Samuels then runs towards Amale, she sweeps Samuels, her head landing on the middle turnbuckle. Amale runs from one corner to the other to kick Samuels’ face then drags her to the middle for the Hope Breaker and the victory.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point

I enjoyed the pacing of this match and how they have built up Amale as one of the possible contenders for Mieko’s NXT UK Women’s Championship. However, with the recent news of NXT UK rebranding to NXT Europe plus the releases, I would like to see what they do with the current champions and who they will build up to be their contenders.


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