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NXT 2.0 – JULY 19 

NXT 2.0 – The episode begins with a recap of Roxanne’s NXT journey from the Women’s Breakout Tournament to winning the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship with Cora Jade. In a voiceover, she states she wouldn’t be in NXT without older sister and best friend Cora. We also get a replay of their interview after winning the championships. During the interview is when Roxanne announced she was cashing in her opportunity to go against Mandy Rose.

Why, @CoraJadeWWE?! WHY?!#WWENXT starts RIGHT NOW on @USA_Network! — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) July 20, 2022

We then see Roxanne being attacked in the parking lot last week. Cora is behind her as the referees are taking care of Roxanne. Cora’s interview is also shown, when she blames Toxic Attraction for the attack. Cora is ready to confront Mandy if Roxanne isn’t, Roxanne comes out to face Mandy Rose, and Cora Jade betrays. Cora yells, “I made you! I brought you here,” as we watch clips from their friendship through NXT so far.

Astrid’s Point 

Even while I appreciate how Cora’s treachery paints Roxanne as a bigger baby face, NXT 2.0 needed more heels. The top heels are Toxic Attraction, Tiffany Stratton, and Lash Legend, so having a crowd-favorite like Cora turn heel gives her a lot of momentum. I wish Katana Chance and Kayden Carter had won the Women’s Tag Team Championships instead. Also, why have new champions that will only be champions for 2-3 weeks?

At this time, Roxanne is still listed as champion along with a vacant partner, does it mean she can choose her new partner and still be champion? or will she have to give it up and find a new way to crown new champions? It left so many questions, and based on the storyline, I would have liked for them to strengthen their relationship further before their separation to produce a shock when the betrayal happened.

Will @nikkita_wwe earn an NXT Women's Title shot in a 20-Woman Battle Royal TONIGHT on #WWENXT? — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) July 20, 2022

Will @tiffstrattonwwe be the next #WWENXT Women's Champion? — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) July 20, 2022

Nikkita Lyons & Tiffany Stratton Promos 

Nikkita says she doesn’t care if it’s Tiffany Stratton, Wendy Choo, Elektra Lopez or Lash Legend. She does mention she has unfinished business with Mandy Rose as well.

Tiffany says, “I’m like the only woman deserving of a title match and if you can’t see that, I’m so sorry. It must be difficult going through life completely blind of everything around you.”

Astrid’s Point 

I loved these promos through the night from a few of the ladies, it’s such a good way to have them on screen before the match and for the fans to see them before the main event which include most of their active roster.

Cora Jade Promo 

“You guys appointed me the next breakout superstar.” She compares how fans reacted to her War Games performance to how Roxanne got more attention in NXT. After several futile efforts, I eventually found the perfect partner, and we won the Great American Bash with my best friend. Cora is annoyed because Roxanne wants to fight Mandy Rose minutes after winning the championships. “I intended to make these belts the most important in WWE, and you’re over it?” She says Roxanne manipulated her to go to NXT and didn’t care about Cora. Cora said Roxanne was so “delusional last week. She didn’t even see who attacked her in the parking lot.”

Jade is responsible for Roxanne’s attack last week. Her objective was to take Roxanne’s place when Mandy wasn’t ready for her. Roxanne won’t appear “She can’t compete with a shattered heart, and there’s no woman in this locker room who can stop me from winning this battle royal. All this title signifies to me now is a lie; it’s not worth a damn thing to me. This symbolizes the end of naive little Cora Jade and the beginning of the actual generation of Jade “Cora exclaims as she puts the title in the trash.

Astrid’s Point

I loved the change in her look, wearing all black, no bright gear, no skateboard to give us a glance that there’s progress in her character as a heel. I like that no one interrupted her, she’s able to speak her mind on the situation. However, as I discussed before, I would have preferred if the titles were not involved as it feels disrespectful to past champions and the women’s tag team division. Now, does Roxanne get to pick a new partner? Does she give to give up the title? Does Toxic Attraction get them back? I’m excited for Roxanne to respond to her and their match will certainly be you will not want to miss.

.@indi_hartwell is betting on herself in tonight's 20-Woman Battle Royal main event.#WWENXT — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) July 20, 2022

Indi Hartwell Promo

Indi says, “Flying solo hasn’t been smooth, but growing pains are inevitable.” Hartwell is gaining confidence as a singles player; I hope they can find her a steady position soon because she’s talented and flexible.

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen with Fallon Henley vs. Pretty Deadly – NXT UK Tag Team Championship 

During the match, Elton Prince was taken to the outside by Josh Briggs. On his way out, he collides with Fallon Henley as she slips down the ramp. Elton carries the NXT UK Tag Team Championship into the ring and slides it to Josh Briggs. Brooks kicks Elton outside while Kit Wilson is holding another one of the championships, Fallon taking it away from him. They pull it back and forth a few times, catching the referee’s attention who yells at them to let it go, Fallon drops it and Josh is able to go for a pin attempt. Brooks enters the ring for their finisher as Fallon takes the championship, Josh pins Kit for the win.

Lash Legend Promo 

Lash says she’s the number one to win it all, addresses Alba, that no one messes with Lash Legend.

Giovanni Vinci & Chase U Segment

There’s a fan outside asking Giovanni for a picture, the Chase U bus comes in as they return from their London trip. He’s about to leave as the students are seen exiting the bus. Bodhi and Thea are the first to arrive; Thea admires Giovanni’s automobile. The rest of the students follow Bodhi inside as Giovanni asks who will move the bus so he can depart.

Toxic Attraction Interview 

Mandy is asked about the Battle Royal winner; she mentions Tatum Paxley as she attempts to leave. McKenzie asks why Tatum, Mandy said she thought it was one question, and she said the first woman that came to her mind. Ivy comes to interrupt, telling Mandy she’ll be unconscious, Kiana James interrupts too, telling Ivy she has 0 chance of winning, strategy and brains win over muscle. Alba interrupts them too, telling Mandy she’s the woman that will bring the Toxic empire to the ground before Alba’s music hits for the match.

20 Woman Battle Royal – Winner Faces Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Championship 

The following women were a part of the Battle Royal: Yulisa Leon, Sloane Jacobs, Lash Legend, Tatum Paxley, Tiffany Stratton, Elektra Lopez, Arianna Grace, Valentina Feroz, Kiana James, Wendy Choo, Amari Miller, Fallon Henley, Indi Hartwell, Cora Jade, Alba Fyre, Nikkita Lyons, Katana Chance, Kayden Carter and Ivy Nile. Sarray had been in the graphic in earlier advertisements but was later removed.

If you scanned the QR code that was on your screen during #WWENXT tonight, you were directed to a video that shows a person walking and the camera angle only showed the bottom of their legs and and feet in gear. Who may it be? #HouseofColors #WWE #prowrestling #news 📹: @WWENXT — House of Colors (@HouseofColors_) July 20, 2022

In recent weeks, we had seen a QR code show on screen. The first gave us 8:10:11, which many people thought was a time range, date, or Bible passage. The second was a Wordle with a few superstars, but the answer was Havoc, which made many people think of Halloween Havoc, the last time we saw Zoey Stark in NXT. Before the match started, the last QR code led to a video of someone walking to the ring with the text “Up Next,” around the time the last entrant was arriving to the ring.

Elektra enters the ring, Cora Jade comes without her skateboard, and Toxic Attraction watches from the Toxic Lounge. The last entry is Zoey Stark, who we last saw during Halloween Havok. Cora isn’t delighted to see her because she entered last, making her the spotlight over Cora.

The bell rings, all the women are surrounding Cora, she exits the ring which means she’s not eliminated as she went through the middle rope. On her way out, Ivy exited the ring, to meet Cora and hit her with a forearm, Ivy drags Cora inside the ring. Cora exits through the other side as Ivy chases her, unable to catch her, Ivy returns to the match.

In one corner, Lash is taking on Indi Hartwell as Wendy Choo is napping there. Sloane Jacobs is attempting to throw Tatum, Amari coming for the assist, Ivy notices and comes to help Tatum by hitting Sloane with a few punches to her back. Due to the assist, Tatum is able to take on Amari, while Amari is holding on to Tatum for her next move, Ivy drops kicks her causing her elimination. Ivy shows Tatum that they’re in it together.

Sloane Jacobs and Fallon Henley each take one of Arianna Grace’s legs to drop her on the apron. Grace punches them to fight back but is kicked by Indi, Grace landing outside and being eliminated. Indi waved her as Arianna was shocked it happened.

Lash and Alba are seen going against each other in a corner. Lash carrying Alba after countering Alba’s head scissors. Alba drops Lash but she goes with her as Lash didn’t let go of Alba on her way out, both of them are eliminated. Alba realizes it, kicks Lash, they both fight on their way out.

Tiffany focuses on Wendy who is standing on the apron, Indi comes to assist Wendy, but Tiffany was able to make Wendy stumble. As Wendy is falling, she is caught by her pillow on the ground, her feet aren’t touching the ground, she’s safe and able to return to the match.

Zoey Stark counters Yulisa Leon’s maneuver and pushes her over the top rope, eliminating her. Her partner Valentina Feroz notices and takes Zoey to the apron by wrapping her legs around her neck. Zoey is strong enough to drop Feroz outside, but Yulisa is there to save her. Zoey notices, she kicks Leon who drops on her partner on her way down.

Kiana shows off her gymnastics background as she shoulders tackles Fallon Henley. Fallon fights back, James goes for another shoulder tackle, and James kicks her hand, causing her to fall and be eliminated.

Tiffany is on the apron with Wendy, she takes Wendy’s cup to hit her, Wendy falls out, she’s now eliminated. During the break, Katana and Kayden teamed up to eliminate Sloane Jacobs and Elektra Lopez.

Ivy and Tatum take their focus to Katana while her partner is going against Nikkita. Lyons takes care of Kayden who is recovering on the apron, Tatum takes on Nikkita now. Lyons goes for a few kicks to Tatum’s abdomen; Ivy is facing Katana who is able to use her partner to go back inside the ring and head scissor Ivy. Chance and Carter are able to drag Ivy outside, Nikkita assists them too.

Ivy is on the floor, Katana is about to fall, she’s holding on to Kayden who is holding on to the rope. Ivy takes one of the Katana’s legs to bring her down, she’s able to make Katana fall. Nikkita is bouncing on the ropes which causes Kayden to fall on to Ivy. Tatum is against going for Nikkita, Katana and Kayden are stomping on Ivy, Tatum sees and dives on to them, she eliminates herself to protect Ivy. Nile is in shock that she did this.

In the final moments, we have Tiffany, Zoey, Kiana, Indi and Nikkita left in the ring. Indi goes for a spine buster on Kiana, focusing on Tiffany now, driving her to the post. Tiffany and Indi are face to face, Tiffany is able to eliminate Indi, she blows Indi a kiss.

With four ladies remaining, each one standing in a corner, Zoey decides to take on Kiana, Nikkita facing Tiffany. Nikkita puts Tiffany on the apron, Kiana attacks, and Tiffany enters the ring. Nikkita suplexes Zoey, splashes Kiana and Tiffany. Lyon roars and attempts a roundhouse kick on Tiffany. Kiana drags her to a corner and does a flip. Nikkita kicks her. With James falling, Nikkita picks her up to drop her outside, Tiffany then takes the opportunity to eliminate Nikkita. Tiffany is hanging on the top rope celebrating.

Zoey and Tiffany face each other, Tiffany is able to use her strength to hang on the top rope. She goes inside the ring, Zoey clotheslines her, Tiffany is hanging on again, one of her feet touching the ground. Zoey can’t believe that she was able to come inside the ring once again, while taking Tiffany by the hair, Tiffany tackles Zoey. Zoey is now on the apron as well, she goes for a shot, Tiffany laying on the apron, Zoey stumbles. Both ladies are inside again, Tiffany kicks Zoey, Tiffany goes for her flips, Zoey takes her, going for a suplex. Zoey picks up Tiffany, holding her on the apron then punching her to make her land outside. Starks celebrates but the bell hasn’t rung yet, Cora returns as she runs towards Zoey, she uses Cora’s momentum against her to throw her over the rope, Zoey officially wins.

Zoey celebrates, Mandy stands up in the Toxic Lounge, raising her title in the air as Zoey signals for the championship. Vic reminds us that those responsible for taking out Zoey were Toxic Attraction themselves. Zoey has been waiting 8 months to dethrone Toxic Attraction.

Astrid’s Point

I loved that this was the major event and that, besides Thea, Roxanne, and Io, all active women were used.

I loved seeing multiple tales’ cross paths inside the ring and other girls compete against one other. Ivy and Tatum fighting Katana and Kayden advances their plot.

I knew Zoey would return after the Havoc hint, but I didn’t expect her to win. I like it because we haven’t seen this in months. Zoey won’t beat Mandy.


NXT UK opens with Isla Dawn vs. Fallon Henley which is happening as a result of their interaction backstage last week.

Isla Dawn vs. Fallon Henley 

The ladies lock up as they let go, Isla goes to caress Fallon’s face who turns away. They lock up again, once they separate, Isla goes for kick to Fallon’s abdomen then a forearm to Fallon’s face. Henley going for a forearm shot of her own, taking Isla down. Dawn pushes Henley and lunges for her arm, but Henley elbows her and kicks her knee. Dawn misses a shot on Henley and grabs his arm, wrapping it over his head for a submission. Henley grabs Isla’s arm to throw her over and break the submission.

Fallon going for a few shots to Isla’s back, picking her up, Isla reverses it, hitting Henley’s back. Henley sending Isla to the post, going for an elbow, Isla goes through the ropes to avoid it, standing on the apron. She tackles Fallon and bounces Fallon’s head on the post. Isla kicks Fallon in the corner, she takes Fallon down, hitting in the back, smiling as she enjoys Henley being in pain. Dawn bouncing off the ropes to kick Henley then going for a pin attempt.

Dawn bounces Henley’s head on the mat, Fallon goes for two shots, Isla is going for one, but Fallon reverses it. Isla holds on the ropes, Fallon lets go of her, she’s recovering when Isla goes for a swinging kick and misses it. Fallon kicks her abdomen; Fallon goes over Isla for a roll up pin attempt.

Isla kicks Henley, taking a handful of her hair to drop her head on the mat, to stomp her. Dawn attempts a submission. Dawn was in a trance, Henley was able to stand up, running backwards to hit Isla with the post to create that separation but Dawn is still holding on with the straight jacket submission. Henley goes backwards again then takes Isla’s hands over her head to throw her on the mat to recover. They have some back-and-forth forearm shots, Henley going for a face buster on Isla. Henley runs towards the ropes for a clothesline, Dawn retreats to the ropes, holding to Fallon to make her bounce on the ropes face first. Dawn kicks Fallon then goes for Rock Bottom and pin attempt. Isla Dawn is victorious.

Astrid’s Point

Pretty good match to open the show, it was fast paced, and we were able to see a lot from both competitors. This victory helps Isla raise in the women’s division now.

.@FallonHenleyWWE and @IslaDawn battle it out on #NXTUK! — NXT UK (@NXTUK) July 21, 2022

Sarray Interview 

Sarray is shown coming in the building, she’s asked about her time in NXT UK. She’s asked to send a message to the Japanese fans, Satomura is seen in the background. She tells Meiko that she asked for a match and hasn’t heard back, Meiko agrees to fight her but to be prepared.

.@AmaleFrenchHope feels disrespected after hearing @BDavenportWWE's comments about her, but The French Hope says if Davenport wants a fight, then she knows where to find Amale. #NXTUK — NXT UK (@NXTUK) July 14, 2022

Amale Interview

We have a recap of Stevie Turner vs Amale from last week with Blair in commentary. Amale is watching the clip, she’s asked about Blair’s commentary that she’ll show how she feels about it. She asks around for Blair, Amale isn’t happy about it, that she’ll keep her anger until they face in the ring.

Nina Samuels vs. Emilia McKenzie 

Ladies start their match with a lock up, Nina driving McKenzie to the corner, going for a few shoulder tackles before the referee tells her to step away. Emilia going for a huracanada, taking Samuels by surprise. Now it’s McKenzie’s turns to shoulder tackle Samuels in the corner. McKenzie was running towards Samuels who counters it with a pin attempt. She takes McKenzie’s hair to hit her head on the mat a few times.

Nina goes to hit McKenzie’s head on the post, Emilia reverses it, taking the opportunity to kick Nina several times causing the referee to ask before the five counts. Nina takes that moment that Emilia focused on the referee to kick Emilia, taking control. She has Emilia on the middle rope, keeping her in place while the rope hits her throat. Samuels keeps McKenzie on the ropes, taking her arms out, stretching her for a submission and letting go before the five count then coming for a drop kick to Emilia and a pin attempt.

Samuels takes McKenzie by the hair to drag her across the ring until she lands on the other side of the canvas, and she goes for it again. She goes for a kick while the referee does his count, she argues with him while he checks on Emilia. McKenzie goes for a few shots; Samuels catches her and goes for another pin attempt.

She picks up Emilia, to place her on top of the post, she slaps her while she trashes talks. Emilia has an opening, goes for a few elbow shots to the back of Samuels’ head until she lands outside. Samuels is on the apron, holding on the top rope, Emilia goes for a forearm. McKenzie brings her in to land two face busters on Samuels and a swinging neck breaker and a pin attempt. McKenzie goes to spear Samuels who moves out of the way, while Emilia is hanging on the post, Samuels pulls her for a pin attempt. Emilia slaps Samuels, she suplexes and spears Samuels, going for a pin attempt and Emilia is victorious.

Astrid’s Point

I liked the action between these two, and I’m delighted McKenzie won; it shows how Meiko’s teaching her. It was good showing for both ladies.

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