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NXT 2.0 – June 21

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Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs. Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz 

Chance and Carter are on their way to gaining momentum after their loss to Toxic Attraction. Leon starts the match with Carter, Kayden kicks her, and Leon lands by the ropes. Leon goes over Carter to avoid getting hit, lands on her feet, and continues to dance. Yulisa and Feroz have been working on their double team moves, they had chemistry and worked together very well, I enjoyed their speed and high-flying combinations. Carter tags in Chance, they had such a great speed and agility combination in their moves, I was so amazed, they continue to show their hard work as a team. Leon attempted for a pinfall, Chance kicked out, and Leon turned it into a submission.

Leon held on to Chance, who was able to stretch out back to tag in Carter, Kayden came in the ring and did a face buster to Leon. Carter splashed on Leon in the corner, she catapulted Chance who lands across Leon’s abdomen, holding her in place while Carter kicks her in the face. Chance goes for a kick combination then sweeps Leon off her feet for a pin attempt. Leon attempts on different occasions to reach out to her partner, Feroz jumping on the apron, waiting for her partner to get closer. Leon is able to kick Carter to create that distance and tag Feroz. Valentina is fired up against Katana and Kayden, she tags in Leon, and they do a double team face buster.

Leon goes for the pin attempt; Carter is able to break it and save her partner. Katana and Kayden execute a few double-team moves on Feroz, their quick action is amazing to watch. Carter holds Feroz, Katana does the finishing move, pin attempt and they’re victorious! I loved how fast-paced this match was, both teams are doing great, Chance and Carter gave some of their momenta after that recent loss.

Tiffany Stratton Promo 

Tiffany sits down for a promo, asking how much time do we have? Wendy is tragic, she sucks at life, and she’s upset that Wendy cost her the match and ruined her gear. She labeled her a Peter Pan to reject, and she can’t wait to put Wendy to sleep for good.

Toxic Attraction Promo 

Mandy says Roxanne and her two reject friends had a fluke victory, that Roxanne is imagining her title around her waist as she plays with her action figures at home. She doesn’t want Roxanne to use her contract on her Women’s Championship telling her Cora has tried but she was folding under pressure, she’s a pro at it. Jacy says buy one of those bus tickets you like so much so you can put up posters of real superstars like us on your bedroom walls. Roxanne and Cora interrupt, Roxanne says she has earned every single bit to live her dreams and they’re even better when you get to share them, giving us a hint that she’s aiming to team with Cora and face Gigi/Jacy for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.

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Roxanne shouldn’t be allowed to cut in line, argue Katana Chance and Kayden Carter. They attack Roxanne and Cora who fight back while Toxic Attraction enjoys it all from the ring. Overall, I enjoyed the promo from each team however as a Roxanne fan, I would have preferred having her go against Mandy at the Great American Bash while Indi and Cora could have faced Gigi and Jacy for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. This segment leads to Roxanne/Cora vs. Kayden/Katana next week for the number one contender spot for the Tag Team Championship.

Indi Hartwell Interview 

Kiana James quickly interrupts to ask why time is being wasted on Indi, she asks her if she saw the main event last week. Kiana replied, “I don’t deal with emotions, I deal with facts and figures because they don’t lie.” She also said, “You’re weak-minded and you lack the mental fortitude to be successful on your own, that’s why you jump from friend to friend.” Indi replies, “You’re very opinionated Kiana. The funny thing is no one cares about your opinion. Instead of me punching you in the face right now, how about you bring those stats to the ring next week and I’ll make you eat every word that just came out of your mouth.”

I hope Indi finds a role in the women’s division; she’s bright and adaptable. Next week’s match will indicate Kiana’s improvement in the women’s division.

Thea Hail Promo/Segment 

Thea is shown moving into her dorm, Bodhi is her roommate. He asks her if they take turns with the room, he takes it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and she takes it on the other days. Thea is unpacking, telling him how excited she is to be at Chase U and classes start next week. I’m looking forward to seeing how Thea interacts with Andre Chase, Bodhi, and the rest of her classmates when Chase U starts next week.

Nikkita Lyons Promo 

A promo airs for Nikkita’s return next week, she says, “Patience is not a virtue, patience sucks.” We see her working and rehabbing her injury, she said, “There’s no easing my way back into the mix, I’m balls to the wall, NXT Women’s division this is your seven-day notice.” Now that Roxanne has been added to the mix with Toxic Attraction, I wonder how Nikkita fits into the division and who will be the opponent next week.

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Alba Fyre vs. Lash Legend 

Lash begins trash-talking Alba, who lands a few shots at her. Legend tries to stop her with a kick, but Alba catches her foot, landing Lash’s head on the top turnbuckle. Alba is setting up a maneuver when Lash counters it, Alba lands on her feet by the turnbuckle, Lash goes for a shot and Alba reverses it, Legend ends up hitting the turnbuckle herself. Alba goes for a few chops; she pulls Legend who uses her power to stop Alba from hitting her next move. Lash uses Alba’s own momentum to push her towards the ropes, Alba bounces, and Lash kicks her. Alba takes additional shots and sets up for the Gory Bomb, but Legends counters, showing off her strength.

Fyre attempts to create separation, Legend kicks her, Alba goes for more and kicks Lash instead. Alba kicks Legend a few times who waits for Alba and hits her with a side slam. Alba hits the Gory Bomb and climbs to the top turnbuckle for her finisher, but Legend moves. Lash took Alba’s baseball hat, and hit her, causing a disqualification which results in Alba winning the match. I did prefer Lash’s matches in NXT UK compared to this one but again, I enjoy how she’s showcasing her strength and power in each one of her matches somehow. Alba has been on fire since her character change, I’m waiting until we’re able to see her in the championship picture.

NXT UK – June 23 

Our first women’s segment is Sarray arriving in Meiko’s dressing room, greeting her and Emilia. Meiko says to Emilia that Sarray isn’t the only visitor, next week Emilia is facing Fallon Henley.

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Myla Grace vs. Isla Dawn 

Myla shows fearlessness against Isla, they begin with a few pin attempts. Myla kicks Isla who stays on the outside, taking a moment to herself. Isla pushes Myla into the top turnbuckle, keeping her in the corner and Myla is able to create some separation. Isla has a submission on Myla in the middle of the ring, and Myla trying to fight back. Myla goes for a few clotheslines then a split kick to Isla. Myla also goes for head scissors and then kicks Isla in her midsection as she is hanging on the ropes. Isla pushes Myla into the corner, giving her a knee to the face, Myla kicks Isla in the face and then climbs the turnbuckle, missing Isla while attempting a maneuver. Isla goes for her finisher and victory.

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Nina Samuels vs. Sarray 

Sarray goes a for quick roll-up to begin the match and then reverses it to submission, but Samuels goes for the rope. Nina is about to go for some offense, but Sarray blocks it. They go back and forth then Sarray takes control. Nina counters Sarray’s momentum with a backbreaker and a kick. Nina goes for a series of kicks in the corner and then plants her foot on Sarray’s face. Sarray kicks her a few times to get some separation, but Nina goes back to her, catapulting her to the corner twice. Samuels goes for a submission, the crowd cheering on Sarray, Samuels goes for a stretcher, Sarray counters it with a pin attempt.

Sarray’s back gives out, allowing Samuels to lift her up and shove her into the corner. Nina climbs the turnbuckle, Sarray fights her off twice and Sarray lands a double stomp. Sarray goes for her signature bottom rope kick, Sarray goes for a pinfall attempt and is victorious. Sarray had an impressive debut and Nina did an incredible job when did counter Sarray.

Blair Davenport Promo 

“I’m putting you all on notice. Scared Meiko? You should be. You have put me in a position where I have to show you how cold-hearted I can get.” Blair returns next week. Her promo to Meiko shows highlights from their prior meeting.


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