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NXT 2.0 & NXT UK Review – Week of May 22

NXT 2.0 – May 24 

Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade backstage

Our first women’s segment is Roxanne getting ready backstage with Cora Jade. Roxanne says that Lash is twice her size, and Cora tells her she can take her. They bond over an experience they had at an indie show, stating that Jenna Water bullied them and they were both able to take her on. Cora says Alba vs. Elektra Lopez is happening tonight, Roxanne asks her if she wants to watch it backstage with her while Roxanne warms up for her match. Cora said she’s watching from ringside with popcorn in hand as the fans do.

Alba Fyre vs. Elektra Lopez

Alba was mostly in control until Elektra used the turnbuckle for a submission. As Elektra lets go of Alba, she is face to face with Cora Jade sitting at ringside with popcorn in hand. Elektra slaps the popcorn away from Cora and heads back to the match. Alba does her finisher for the win. I didn’t want Elektra in this position as I knew with Alba’s character, that she would be winning and Elektra didn’t have much offense during the match either. It seems they set this up to start the rivalry between Cora and Elektra while Roxanne seems to be aligned towards the title picture.

WWE Photo
WWE Photo

Fallon Henley Interview 

Fallon is interviewing Briggs and Jensen about Nikkita’s injury and getting a ticket to the finals of the NXT Women’s Breakout tournament. Tiffany interrupts to say how Fallon is taking the easy way into the finals especially since she wasn’t part of the tournament. Tiffany challenges Fallon to a match, Tiffany being Nikkita’s replacement in the tournament, Fallon tells her to make it official – Tiffany vs. Fallon for a spot in the finals of the tournament.

Lash Legend vs. Roxanne Perez 

WWE Photo

Lash slams Roxanne on the mat a few times, she also does a submission on her. Roxanne does a sleeper hold to take control of the match, Roxanne sets up for her finisher for the win. I enjoyed the contrast in styles between these two, Lash was able to show off her power and athleticism while Roxanne was able to show her quickness and agility. It was a match that was well balanced between both of them as well, Roxanne now advances to the finals, and she faces the winner between Fallon and Tiffany at In Your House.

WWE Photo

Toxic Attraction backstage

Mandy is on her way to the ring to face Indi alongside Gigi and Jacy. Mandy mocks Indi now that she doesn’t have a life partner or tag partner, Katana and Kayden come out of nowhere to attack Gigi and Jacy. Mandy begins to assist them both but security and officials come to break it apart and tell Mandy to head to the ring.

Mandy Rose vs. Indi Hartwell 

WWE Photo

Indi swept Mandy off her feet, she landed flat on her face. Toxic Attraction comes to ringside for the assist, and Kayden and Katana follow suit. Mandy uses the distraction to do her knee finisher for the win. Mandy is exiting, Wendy surprises her by hitting her with a pillow bag full of balls, Mandy falls to the ground, and Wendy takes the championship and raises it above her head while Mandy is in her pain. It was nice to see Indi on screen, giving her some development after the release of her life partner and tag team partner. I hope it works as a way to give her a new direction and to see how she fits in the women’s division now as a singles competitor.

WWE Photo
WWE Photo
WWE Photo

Tiffany Stratton vs. Fallon Henley 

WWE Photo

Fallon is in control at the start, Tiffany kicks Fallon’s legs until she drops. Tiffany does a move from the top rope and also does a bridge submission on Fallon. Tiffany wins, and Grayson celebrates with her. Roxanne Perez will face Tiffany Stratton in the finals of the tournament at In Your House. This match was well balanced too, it definitely showed the progress Tiffany has made in the ring. Her top rope maneuver and her submission looked incredible during the match and the way she was working on Fallon’s leg too.

Katana and Kayden Interview 

Katana says to stop mistaking their kindness for weakness, Wendy shows to tell them they should face Toxic Attraction while she takes on Mandy for their respective championships.

Thea Hail Promo 

Thea has a promo, she will announce her college choice in next week’s episode, she shows all her acceptance letters.

Toxic Attraction Promo 

Gigi and Jacy react to Katana and Kayden wanting a championship match, they say with Katana’s Ninja Warrior skills, she can’t keep up.

NXT UK – May 26 

Ivy Nile Promo 

We watch a video package showing off Ivy due to her upcoming challenge to Meiko

Lash Legend vs. Emilia McKenzie 

WWE Photo

Both begin to lock up, Lash overpowers Emilia. Lash takes control of Emilia after her waist lock attempt. Emilia drop-kicked Lash, bringing her down to her knees, Lash is able to push her, and Emilia landed face-first on the mat. Lash begins to stomp on Emilia, she tries to fight back but Lash drops an elbow to Emilia’s chest. Emilia goes to rest towards the turnbuckle, Lash chases her, and Emilia kicks her to create some distance. Emilia is up on the top rope and jumps onto Lash but she catches her. Lash drops Emilia in the center of the ring. Lash does a side slam on McKenzie, setting her up for a submission. Emilia fights back with strikes while Lash takes a handful of hair, drops Emilia, and goes for her move when Emilia moves. Emilia goes back and forth to the ropes to strike Lash, slowing her down and doing a spinning neck breaker to Lash. Legend heads to the outside for a break, and Emilia does a dive onto Lash. Legend heads back in the ring, Emilia is on the top turnbuckle for a crossbody and a spear for a near fall. Lash does a pump kick then a pinfall attempt, she scores the win against Emilia. Just like her match against Roxanne, Lash has been showing off more of her power and athletic ability in this match too. She is beginning to show us her style in the ring more recently, this was an entertaining match.

WWE Photo

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